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Blair Witch VR Surprise Launches for Oculus Rift, PSVR and SteamVR Coming In Summer

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Developers Bloober Team and Lionsgate announced earlier this month they had launched a port of the Blair Witch VR for the Oculus Rift. The game was originally an Oculus Quest exclusive that was released last year. The Oculus Rift port is expected to bring new features to the game as well as fully utilizing the PC's superior processing power.

The psychological horror game will be having an improved graphical fidelity with better models, further draw distance, and improved lighting. Aside from the visual front, the game will have a new backpack added to the game as well as improved AI for the companion K-9, Bullet. The player's interactivity with Bullet has been made to suit VR with gesture commands, actual hand-based petting, and fetching. Bloober Team boasts building the game up for a truly immersive and horrifying VR experience, bringing in redesigns for the environment to include more interactivity and as well as more creature encounters.

Blair Witch‘s story takes place in the world of the cinematic lore of the Blair Witch films. Players take the role of Ellis, a former cop with a checkered past who takes part in the search for a missing child in the iconic Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland. The investigation begins normal and ordinary but then slowly delves into a nightmarish descent as the player must deal with the dark force of the Blair Witch. Luckily the player doesn't have to go through the perilous woods alone as they will have their trusted AI canine companion, Bullet who acts as their eyes, ears, and nose.

Bloober Team has mentioned that there will be a version for the PSVR releasing in the Summer. In a statement to Road to VR, the studio had also confirmed that a SteamVR version will also be releasing around the same time as the PSVR but as a standalone title apart from the standard non-VR version.



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