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Bethesda Denies Allegations From Doom Composer Mick Gordon

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Bethesda Denies Allegations From Doom Composer Mick Gordon

Bethesda has issued a statement in response to allegations made by Doom and Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon. Gordon had earlier shared his experiences while working at id Software, citing toxic working conditions and delays in his pay. 

Last week, Gordon issued a lengthy statement to defend himself after Id Software studio director Marty Stratton wrongly accused him of failing to deliver Doom Eternal‘s official soundtrack. Gordon was responding to a lengthy 2020 Reddit post in which Stratton had accused him of being responsible for the soundtrack's substandard quality. Gordon remained silent until last week when he released the lengthy statement on Medium.

According to Stratton's initial statement, Gordon delayed the soundtrack and subsequently underdelivered. The situation led Id to ask the game's senior audio designer, Chad Mossholder, to create the remaining tracks. However, Gordon denied this allegation, among many other claims from Stratton. He claims that id software and, more specifically, Stratton, were unfair and dishonest. According to Gordon, Stratton lied about the circumstances surrounding the Doom Eternal Soundtrack. Gordon stated that Stratton used misinformation and innuendo to hold him responsible for the project's failure. Additionally, Gordon revealed that Stratton had offered a six-figure sum of money to keep quiet about the situation.

In response, Bethesda has since refuted Gordon’s allegations. In a statement published online, Bethesda claims that Gordon's depiction of the circumstances surrounding the creation of Doom Eternal's soundtrack “both mischaracterized and misrepresented the team at id Software.”

Bethesda referred to Gordon's description of the events as a “distortion of the truth” that had led to harassment and violent threats against Id Software employees. The publisher also stated that it stands by its employees. Additionally, Bethesda is prepared to provide proof to support its version of what happened “in an appropriate venue as needed.”

Gordon had a long working relationship with id Software. He worked on Wolfenstein and then on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack for Doom 2016

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