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Best Switch Co-Op Games of All Time



The Nintendo Switch is a console that has several great titles to its name. Within these titles, there are cooperative titles that players can play with friends and enjoy on the go. Although these games range in genre and scale, these games offer a break from the mundane world and a bit of escapism for friends to enjoy together. In addition, the Nintendo Switch provides many great cooperative titles regardless of how or why you play. Here are our picks for the Best Switch Co-Op Games of All Time. 

5. Cuphead

Cuphead is a game that has a delightful aesthetic but a grueling difficulty. It is this duality that makes the game stand out amongst its competitors. The game follows the titular Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they make a pact with the Devil for their souls. The deal is that if the brothers can retrieve enough souls, they will regain their own. Players will face multiple bosses with various mechanics to defeat them throughout the game.

Altogether Cuphead is a fantastic game for any players interested in a challenge or run-and-gun gaming. The simplistic premise makes the game easy to understand and pick up, while the difficulty demands the player's complete attention. Players are only given three lives at each level, so they must play to their highest ability. It is this demanding nature that makes Cuphead so refreshing and fun. Because rather than hold your hand, the game rewards you for conquering its mechanics and challenges. In conclusion, Cuphead is a game that players should experience with friends, especially on the Nintendo Switch.


4. Overcooked 2

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Overcooked 2 is a fantastic time for players looking for a challenge with friends. The culinary game sees players cooking for ravenous crowds and struggling to keep up with orders as they come up. Yet, within this tension, the game shines as it makes players have to work together or flail under pressure. Players travel through various levels, each with unique food styles and mechanics. Players will have to do everything from preparing ingredients to cooking each dish to the correct specifications.

The game is rather demanding of its players, which is why it is so fun to play. While the game may lead to a few screaming matches between you and your friends, it is all in good fun. It is helpful for players to divide up tasks amongst themselves to succeed. This makes it so that no one player is running around doing everything and takes the pressure off each station. This can be a helpful tip when things get too hectic to handle, as food can burn in Overcooked 2. Overall, Overcooked 2 is a fantastic game to play with friends and is one of the best co-op games on Nintendo Switch.


3. Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is a beautiful entry into the Monster Hunter series. The game is made exponentially better through the power of portability. This allows players to group up easier and fight their monsters on the go. In addition, the game features a vast array of weaponry to choose from and many monsters to fight. Players familiar with the series will be able to find themselves right at home with this title.

Altogether, Monster Hunter Rise improves upon the successful Monster Hunter formula and refines it for a portable experience. This pick-up and playability lend well to players getting in groups to tackle hunts. So, regardless if you fancy a precise bow user or a more upfront blade user, all weapon types are enjoyable. Each weapon has its quirks and must be mastered as you tackle different difficult creatures. The monsters in the game also come with inherent strengths and weaknesses, making for a more dynamic experience with each hunt. As a result, Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best  Switch co-op games.


2. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a wonderfully charming title that has overtaken the gaming world. Reminiscent of the older Harvest Moon franchise, this game offers a humble, wholesome experience. The game begins with the player character inheriting a farm from their grandparent, giving the character a different outlook on life. In this rural experience, players can tend to a farm and interact with the townsfolk of Stardew Valley.

Players will be able to plant and harvest various crops throughout the game to gain a profit by selling them to the local merchant. This allows the player to gain more funds to buy more seeds, and the cycle continues. That is not the only thing you can do in the game. Players can also mine the mines and fight creatures for various rewards. This game oozes charm, no matter which way you decide to play. In conclusion, Stardew Valley is a fantastic game to enjoy with friends, as you can plant crops while you hang out and take the game as casually as you want. This makes it an easy co-op game to cozy up to at the end of your day.

1. Diablo 3

Diablo 3 has remained popular for years since its initial release. The game has retained this popularity due to its solid gameplay loop, which leads players through various dungeons for loot of ever-increasing rarity. The game also features a ton of lore that players can follow through, but the game does not shine brighter than when enjoyed with a friend. Whether you are one of the players who want to play the tanky barbarian or the gentle cleric, there is a class for everyone.

In conclusion, Diablo 3 has perfected the loot fountain in a way that showers players with rewards for their playtime. This fountain of loot remains an ever-present incentive for players to clear more content. While the game may be on the older side, there has never been a better time to play it than now. However, if players have the game on the Nintendo Switch, the possibilities for play sessions practically anywhere become available. This overall playability makes Diablo 3 one of the best Switch co-op games.


So, what's your take on our picks for the best Switch co-op games of all time? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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