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Best Story-Driven Games on Roblox (2023)

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Story-driven games are extremely popular in the Roblox community, frequently ranking among the top trending games on the home page. One of our favorite aspects about Roblox’s story-driven games is the wide range of genres available, from horror to adventure. As a result, everyone can find an appealing narrative that suits their interest. However, the best story-driven games are the ones chock full of surprises at every turn, keeping you glued to the screen the entire time. We’ve got five games that offer just that in this list, so read on to find out what they are.

5. Field Trip Z

In Field Trip Z, you play as a student attending classes and making new friends at a new school. As the day progresses, you notice tensions rising as you hear sirens passing by and military personnel arriving. The school continues as usual but gossip about what is going on spreads. Quickly, teachers and classmates become increasingly concerned about the situation.

The horrors begin as zombies pour into the school through every entrance and chaos ensues. Your only mission now is to survive until help arrives, or at least hope it arrives. Form alliances with friends as you attempt to survive the apocalypse in an unlikely setting. The best story-driven games provide a unique story as well as the option to choose the type of story you want; that’s exactly what’s up for grabs in Field Trip Z. So, decide how your survival story pans out in Field Trip Z’s story-driven adventure.

4. Dead Silence

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Though a bit frightening, horror games often make for some of the most intriguing story-driven games. One of the scariest ones on Roblox in 2023 is Dead Silence; you’ll want to have the lights on for this one. In this haunting tale, you delve into an unsolved mystery, investigating leads in the search for a missing girl named Mary S. Travel through sewers and abandoned buildings as you work to uncover the secrets hidden at every turn.

If you’re looking for a slower-paced but constantly arching narrative, Dead Silence has just that pace. You don’t feel rushed, but at the same time, the anticipation for answers rises the deeper you plunder into its story. And for those of us that are more skittish with horror games, you’ll be happy to know you can play Dead Silence with up to three friends. Together you can work to unravel the mysteries and horrors that lurk in one of Roblox’s best story-driven games right now.

3. Aquarium Story

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Let’s step into a less frightening adventure with Aquarium story. In this story-driven game, you explore an aquarium filled with exhibits containing a variety of spectacular sea life. As the seemingly normal day with your friends progresses, the story begins to unravel when one of your friends goes missing with no trace of where they went. Turning a normal day of fun with your friends into a frenzy of panic as you work to uncover the reason for your friend’s disappearance.

Although Aquarium Story’s plot stems around a missing person, it’s full of exciting adventures throughout the story. You’ll be scuba diving, evading enemies, and exploring the mysterious aquarium’s exciting exhibits. Aquarium Story has made a name for itself as one of the best story-driven games right now due to how compelling its story is, hooking in everyone who dives into it.

2. Cruise Story

Cruise [Story] Official Trailer

Cruise Story begins in the middle of the ocean on a luxurious cruise ship. At the start, you’ll feel the ease of relaxing by the pool, exploring the deck, and soaking in the stunning views. But, as the days pass, the atmosphere begins to feel strange, with other passengers experiencing the same sensation. Unsure of what is going on, the story begins to unfold with strange events occurring one after another. Quickly, passengers begin to go missing from their cabins with no trace of where they went. Robberies and power outages flood the scene and to top it all off, you hear reports of ghosts appearing.

With things eventually taking a full turn for the worst, and the crew unsure of the cause and attempting to keep it quiet, you begin to take matters into your own hands. Using your own expertise, you must determine the source of these unfortunate events. As a result, Cruise Story’s gradual ramping narrative makes for one of the most intriguing story-driven games on Roblox in 2023.

1. Break In (Story)

Break In is based on the Purge film series, in which all crime is legal for one night a year. In this game, you and other players must collaborate to barricade a house and set up defenses to keep intruders out. As the sun slowly sets, you scramble to secure your house and gradually feel the pressure of what dangers will arrive come nightfall. Quickly, the stakes rise and you must fend off people from trying to break into your house. However, there is much more to Break In than purely surviving the night.

On top of trying to survive the dangers of the night, the house you’re in is full of secret rooms and even some hidden characters. Before you know it, the story kicks in and things go from bad to worst. If you’re looking for a narrative that is full of surprises and will keep you on your toes, you can’t go wrong with this thrilling adventure.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other story-driven games on Roblox that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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