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5 Best Racing Games on PlayStation Plus (March 2023)

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Best Racing Games on PlayStation Plus

Racing games are a gaming genre that is far from dying out. Simply putting your foot on the gas, whether in arcade or realistic sims and taking off like a lightning bolt draws an incredible adrenaline rush no other genre comes close to. If you’re the kind of person that thrives when the stakes are high, you may want to consider subscribing to the PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, or Premium tiers, if you haven’t already. This grants you access to hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games, including racing games, that you’re free to download and install on your console. PS Plus Premium members have access to older PlayStation games, too.

Now, not every racing game delivers on its promise. These games vary in quality, plus they offer different racing features like drifting, arcade racers, hardcore sims, street racers, full-on arena displays, and more. Every gamer, consequently, has a little something to explore, with these five best racing games on PlayStation Plus (March 2023) being a great starting point to quench that thirst for speed.

5. Trials Rising

Trials Rising: E3 2018 Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Many racing games have followed the racetrack recipe for a while now. But Trials Rising seeks to do things differently. This is a stunt racer that doesn’t shy away from defying the laws of physics. Any stunts you may be dying to pull off in the real world, but can’t due to safety reasons can definitely be applied to Trials Rising, or any of the other entries in the Trials series.

Trials Rising offers a charm quite unlike any other racer. It’s utterly silly, while never leaving precisely executed stunts to chance. Each race course is as absurd as they come, nearly every time taking you by surprise and leaving you fully satisfied. 

A caveat for some players may be the steep learning curve, which is reasonably set to truly push yourself to the limits. The game’s controls might also take some getting used to. But, overall, it’s an intensely fun racer with new, innovative trials that highlight the series at its peak. 

Platform: PS4

Tier: PS Plus Extra / Premium

4. Wreckfest

Wreckfest - Official PC Launch Trailer

Wreckfest is maddeningly drawn from its cultivated niche in vehicular combat. In fact, no other racer has quite reached the heights of Wreckfest, a game that just so happens to find the perfect balance between racing and absolute chaos. Specifically, players literally drive into the competition, smashing their cars into pieces while trying to receive the least damage. The winner then becomes whoever successfully survives their opponent and is the last driver to have a working vehicle. 

Somehow, Wreckfest manages to keep all things in check, even with all the mayhem going on. The visuals remain grounded throughout the games, and the controls work just as well. With a multiplayer mode of up to 24 players, a chill afternoon can quickly turn into a charged-up night of explosive fun. You won’t need that much practice to sink your heart into the game, plus the lighting and higher resolution textures make it, so no player misses a beat.

Platform: PS4, PS5

Tier: PS Plus Extra / Premium

3. Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo - Launch Trailer | PS4

Trackmania Turbo is an ultra-fast arcade racer that has perfected its craft over the years. Rather than race against other players, Trackmania Turbo tests your racing skills against the clock. There’s a twist, though, that each race isn’t a mere sprint to the finish line. Instead, the race track is punctuated with one rollercoaster-like puzzle after another, such that winning a race depends on how fast you solve each puzzle.

Normally, racers won’t demand thoughtful thinking. Trackmania Turbo, though, thrives on it, with players often having to brush up on their skills over time to beat the game. Every second counts, even as you navigate hundreds of short, imaginative puzzle tracks as fast as you possibly can. You’re free to change up your vehicle’s model, and the environments differ, too. However, the game’s sole attraction remains just how addicting racing against the clock across numerous tracks (thanks to a robust track editor) is.

Platform: PS4

Tier: PS Plus Extra / Premium

2. Wipeout Omega Collection

WipEout Omega Collection - Release Date Trailer | PS4

I’ve always loved futuristic automobiles, so getting my hands on the Wipeout Omega Collection, which remasters Wipeout HD for the PS3 and Wipeout 2048 for the PS Vita, felt like a dream come true. These two games are highlights of the series, and the fact that Wipeout has been MIA for years only makes the Wipeout Omega Collection much more appreciated. 

Among the game’s selling points are its slick polish and challenging gameplay. The environment feels futuristic, with tons of hovercars racing around. It’s a tighter, smoother, and quite sumptuous experience, perfect for today’s age.

Platform: PS4

Tier: PS Plus Premium

1. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione - Launch Trailer | PS5

Real-life racing sim lovers will have a blast playing Assetto Corsa Competizione, which emulates the tough-as-nails official Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe sports car racing series. With today’s technology, Assetto Corsa Competizione creates a surreal experience for gamers to feel like they’re behind the wheel, even while sitting in the comfort of their homes. 

Just like in the real world, Assetto Corsa Competizione is nowhere close to easy. However, it’s simplified enough for anyone to practice and master the game’s mechanics over time. It’s a game designed for super-serious simulator fans, where gamers truly feel the adrenaline rush from actual real-world driving.

So, take the time to master control of the vehicles, get a lay of the tracks, and devise a strategy to assert your prowess as a pro driver. Each race delivers top-notch realism and immersion from photorealistic weather to motion-capture animations. So, even though Assetto Corsa Competizione may not be to everyone’s liking, it sure is one of the best racing games one ought to at least try on PlayStation Plus.

Platform: PS4, PS5

Tier: PS Plus Extra / Premium

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our list of the best racing games on PlayStation Plus (March 2023)? Are there more racing games we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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