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5 Best Racing Games on Nintendo Switch (April 2023)



Racing games allow players to engage in high-octane races either against AI or their friends, or other players. These games always push for the player to be faster and learn the layouts for the tracks from their respective games. It takes quite a bit of skill to weave through the competition as you try and reach pole position. To highlight some of the most wonderful racing games available, enjoy our list of the 5 Best Racing Games on Nintendo Switch (April 2023)

5. Hotshot Racing

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Today, we begin our list with an entry that, despite not having a huge budget behind it, offers a stellar racing game experience. Hotshot Racing is a wonderfully stylized racing game that allows the players to invoke quite a bit of nostalgia. It does this through its arcade-inspired visuals, as well as how the cars themselves handle within the game itself. This game is one that would be fantastic to accompany chill gaming sessions. The aesthetic of the game lends itself quite well to this, and the low-pressure nature of the game also helps.

First of all, Hotshot Racing does quite a few things remarkably well. Secondly, players who wish to have a substantial racing experience will also be made happy here. Lastly, this game is simply so charming in the way that the visuals are presented that it makes it stand out among many other racing titles. So if you are looking for a racing title on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out Hotshot Racing, as it is truly an adrenaline-pumping yet relaxing experience.

4. Team Sonic Racing

Now for an entry that is sure to be somewhat familiar to fans of the highly-praised Sonic franchise. Seen by some as a competitor to games such as Crash Team Racing, or Mario Kart, this game sees players' favorite Sonic characters speeding down varied tracks. This game has a ton of potential and is pretty competent as a racing title. Players will be able to choose what type of driver they want to be. There are three types of drivers in the game, that each performs certain things better than others. There is also a healthy multiplayer element to the game which is fun to enjoy.

The game features up to fourteen different power-up picks ups called Wisps, which you can use against your opponents. Somewhat unique in the racing game genre, there is even a story mode in the game that players can complete. Fans of games such as MarioKart: Double Dash will also enjoy the Team Racing mechanics within this game as well. To close, while it might not have the same name recognition and legacy as the Mario Kart series, this title is a fantastic example of what racing games for the Nintendo Switch can be.

3. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

For our next entry, we begin by saying that Crash Team Racing, as a whole, is an underrated classic game. So seeing the game beautifully remade for the current generation of consoles is fantastic. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled in many ways, pulls on inspirations from the Mario Kart series. However, the game does have quite a few distinctions and even hardcore fans that will debate it as one of the best racing games ever. This is a claim that isn't entirely without merit, as the gameplay is simply fantastic.

Much like Team Sonic Racing, there is an adventure mode for players to delve into. However, the adventure on offer within this Crash title in almost every way is superior to the blue hedgehog's offering. Players will be able to play as their favorite Crash Bandicoot characters, all while zipping around wonderfully stylized and thought-out tracks. This is wonderful as it allows players to put their own unique flair onto the game's characters themselves. In conclusion, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is one of the best racing games available for the Nintendo Switch.

2. Burnout Paradise Remastered

burnout paradise racing game

The Burnout series of racing games are, in a word, iconic. Among these games, there was Burnout Paradise, an open-world take on the franchise that offered incredibly stylized gameplay, as well as a wonderful soundtrack to accompany all of the mayhem players would cause. Created by the masterminds over at Criterion Games, this title allowed players to explore the open world in a Burnout game, which previously hadn't been done before. The remaster takes this element to the next level with the addition of higher-quality textures and newer landscapes.

The wonderful thing about this title is that it also includes all the game's DLC as well. This means that players will get more for their buck if they wish to play. The beloved Crash mode from the series makes an appearance, albeit with a flashier name. Showcase mode is this game's version of the beloved mode. However, the situation in which it can be initiated is far more common. So if you are someone who enjoys the high-octane destruction of the Burnout series, then definitely pick up one of the best racing games on the Nintendo Switch.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

mario kart 8 deluxe switch exclusive

Next, we have an entry that should come as little to no surprise for Nintendo fans. The Mario Kart series, on its own, is a behemoth within the racing game genre. However, in this series, its latest iteration Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, has managed to stand through the test of time as a phenomenal racing title. Players are able to choose various enemies and friends from the Mushroom Kingdom and battle it out on brilliantly designed tracks. The game also introduced motorbikes as another option for players to drive.

Players who have the Deluxe version of the game will find that there are more difficulty options. And quite a few reworks from the base game. That isn't all that the game has to offer, either. With an expanded roster, an improved group of tracks, and more, this is the definitive Mario Kart experience. So if you are someone who enjoys the Mario Kart series or simply someone who wants racing games on the Nintendo Switch, you should definitely give this title a try.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Racing Games on Nintendo Switch (April 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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