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5 Best Puzzle Games on Roblox

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Best Puzzle Games on Roblox

A new month is here, and Roblox is the gift that keeps giving. The colossal archive is home to millions of games from distinct genres with tons of action. This is mostly in gratitude for the platform's user-generated content model. The ability for users to create their own games is Roblox's greatest selling point. And that's not all. This accessibility ensures new content almost daily. Since September is here, it's time to unleash the greatest games to hit the platform. We are bringing you top-tier, mind-boggling games to keep you entertained. Here are the five best puzzle games on Roblox.

5. Flee the Facility

Flee The Facility Gameplay Trailer

Drawing inspiration from Dead by Daylight, Flee the Facility is a run, hide, and escape game by A.W.Apps. The premise is simple: run from the Beast to survive and find the exit. The game's antagonist is a Beast. A player can take on this role, capturing Survivors and freezing them in freeze pods. The rest of the pack runs for their lives, occasionally saving their friends in the freeze pods.  

But that's not all for the survivors. At the start of each round, survivors get a gemstone and a hammer. Survivors must work together to hack the computers and escape in under fifteen minutes, lest they fall into the merciless hands of the Beats. As a survivor, you can earn credits for every successful hack. Credits are awarded at the end of each round.

To hack a computer, you must stand before a keyboard with a glowing blue or red light and press [E]. Once in, you must start a typing animation to make the progress bar appear. A Skill Check will appear once you start typing; it's essential to calibrate the Skill Check, or else the computer will blow up. Flee the Facility is not a brain-raking game, but it makes for a good puzzle game in Roblox to declutter your mind. 

4. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunter Trailer

In the eerie nooks and crannies, that's where the true puzzles lie. Welcome to Ghost Hunt, where, as you might have guessed, you'll be going on a ghost hunt. A masterful creation by Neo1996, the game takes place in a mysterious mental hospital, Mosburg Mental Hospital. The town founder's son founded the building as a sanctuary for the mentally ill. Instead, the halls and corridors of the facility hold haunting secrets about the Morston family.

Your main objective is to hunt for a ghost in the dimly lit house. You only have a few light sources and cameras to guide your way. This kind of game calls for collaborative effort as you navigate the eerie corridors. Players can form three or four teams and spread out to cover more ground. But be wary; jump scares are frequent. So brace yourself, Ghostbuster, for this puzzle game will work up your adrenaline. 

3. The Mad Murderer

Game Review - The Mad Murderer

Where there's a murderer, there's almost always a puzzle to uncover. The Mad Murderer, developed by The Mad Studio and Loleris, has three roles for players: the murderer, the sheriff, and the innocent bystanders. The game has different modes, but the classic mode serves as the game's central concept. It's pretty similar to Murder Mystery 2, just in a different world. 

As the sheriff, your objective is simple: find the murderer and arrest them. But if you shoot an innocent, the consequence is your life, allowing another living bystander to rise to the challenge. For innocent bystanders, you need to stay clear of the murderer's path and also be vigilant when witnessing their crimes. If you happen to stumble upon a sheriff's gun, you automatically turn into one and pursue the shadows of justice. 

Moreover, the murderer is a tough nut to hunt down. Endowed with special abilities such as an exploding knife, a spam knife, bulletproof, an identifier, an invisibility knife, and Fury, killing the murderers is a tad challenging. However, all players can access the shop to purchase murderer abilities and gear.  

2. The Asylum

The Asylum [ROBLOX Game Trailer]

The Asylum is the creepiest puzzle game you'll find on Roblox. Developed by johnpcps, the game is divided into Chapters 1 and 2. In the first chapter, you explore an abandoned 1910s asylum with plenty of mystery. You get a flashlight as your only light source, which does a remarkable job of barely lighting your way.

As you uncover Pandora's box, a couple of jump scares lurk in every corner, from weird sounds to strange noises. But some of these creepy sounds are clues to the mysteries, while others simply send a shiver down your spine. Beware, though, as the game warns players with chronic diseases such as heart disease not to play the game. 

The second chapter has you exploring a different building adjacent to the asylum. After completing the first chapter, you can access the second chapter from the lobby. The Asylum is an ideal puzzle game to play with friends, given its spooky environment. However, if you can brave the challenge alone, this is one puzzle game on Roblox worth checking out. 

1. Puzzle Doors


Are you ready for a brain-racking challenge? Puzzle Doors is our best puzzle game on Roblox, and it'll summon all your brain power. The intense game puts you up against the challenge of opening a series of games. The key to unlocking the doors is a code you access after solving several puzzles.

The game contains a variety of difficult levels. Therefore, newbies and seasoned veterans can enjoy the depth of variety this game has in store. There are 86 different stages that require codes for you to escape the maze and locate the final exit. The puzzles can be found on the room's walls or in the game's description. 

If you're looking for a game where thinking outside the box is a minimum requirement, look no further than Puzzle Doors. 

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Puzzle Games on Roblox? What are some of your favorites? Let us know over on our socials here or in the comments below.

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