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Best Mods for Final Fantasy XV (2023)



Prince Noctis' perilous journey from Insomnia to Altissia may seem like a lifetime ago for most, yet even in 2023, one thing remains clear: mods, love them or hate them, are still very much alive and kicking. And the Final Fantasy XV community is an active one, too, thanks to the likes of Nexus Mods and other close-knit divisions keeping the fire stoked with various patches and unusual gimmicks.

Granted, Square Enix's fifteenth chapter isn't on the same wavelength as it was when it first launched back in 2016. However, if you are still roaming its borders in the well-oiled Regalia, then you'll definitely get a kick out of one of these following mods.

Detailed Complexion

We'll be the first to admit that Final Fantasy XV, being a game that's pushing its seventh birthday, isn't quite up to the same standard visually as most modern triple-A games. In light of this, modder Ellise devoted a great deal of time to ironing out the creases and completely revamping the characters' complexion, thereby making Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus far more detailed and life-like.

The last we saw of the mod was in 2018, at which point Ellise made it clear that future patches would be added, mainly in the hopes of transforming NPCs and other key areas in need of a proper tune-up. You can check on the progress and add it to your game here.

Pure Light

Another mod built to not only stabilize, but boost the general aesthetic of the world, Pure Light—a creative add-on that makes Insomnia and all its surrounding regions far more photorealistic and cinematically unique. For the most part, it doesn't change the gameplay in any way, though it does alter the visuals to make those 4K presets gleam ever so brightly.

As well as altering the textures and natural lighting, Pure Light also adds a cinematic border to your game, effectively transforming your story into a full-fledged movie in motion. You can add all of the aforementioned bits and pieces to your game here.

Enter With Chocobo

If, for whatever reason, you found yourself agreeing with Prompto's ever so sprightly, albeit slightly tedious “I want to ride my Chocobo all day” catchphrase, then you'll be pleased to know that you can, in fact, do just that. Thanks to one chocobo-loving modder, you can pretty much hop on your plump yellow bird and take it anywhere—even in the confines of a dungeon or restricted area.

Of course, embarking on lengthy hikes comes with the territory in a game as massive as Final Fantasy XV. That said, if you're even the slightest bit infuriated with the endless sprints across barren deserts, then be sure to make short work of it with a good old-fashioned chocobo to keep you company. You can add it to your game here.

Radio Tuner

Because who wouldn't want to spend an entire road trip listening to their own imported playlist? If there's one thing Final Fantasy XV needed from the get-go—it was the option to pass up the aux cable to the player, and with that, the opportunity to swap out tracks from earlier games in the series for something a little more personal. And that's exactly what this convenient little mod does—it lets you control the music that plays in the Regalia.

It's simple to use, really, as you need only add your own .mp3 files into the loading dock in order to patch them into the Regalia. But if you're wanting to go one step further, then you can also export the OG soundtrack, too, which means you can take the Final Fantasy library on the go between sessions. How's that for a mod?

No Collisions

If there's one thing modders like to do with open-world games, it's making them bigger—without boundaries or roadblocks that prevent you from traversing to restricted areas. And that's exactly what No Collisions does — it lets you explore Eos in its entirety, without its borders.

Of course, you can expect to run into some half-baked textures and leftover assets, what with a lot of the world being left unfinished. But if you're curious to know what Square Enix abandoned on the outskirts of its explorable continent, then hey, you're in for a real treat with this one.

The Royal Experience

The Royal Experience is an all-in-one creative suite that allows for its user to tweak the presets, both visual and mechanical, to test the very limits of the hardware you're running the game on. It's a useful tool, for sure, and one that'll certainly come in handy as you experiment with the various configurations that can be found in the primary settings menu. Its purpose, really, is to build on these settings to give you a much wider variety—presets that are more refined and complete.

It goes without saying that, if you are planning to implement mods in Final Fantasy XV, then you should probably start with this one. Fact is, it includes all of the starter patches that you'll need to make the most of your time around Eos. Interested? You can go ahead and add it here.


One of the biggest disappointments in Final Fantasy XV is the lack of capital cities to explore. Or more importantly, the inability to venture out to Insomnia and see it in all its former glory. Fortunately for PC gamers, though, one modder has made the effort to extract the full-blown city from the Episode Ardyn DLC and slot it into the main game, giving you access to its every nook and cranny at the touch of a button.

Of course, there's a lot of open space that yearns to be filled here, but the fact is, this mod broadens Eos ever so slightly by giving you more to explore. So, if the urge to see Insomnia outside of its ruined state ever comes knocking, then at least now you know where to look.


So, what's your take? Will you be installing any of the above Final Fantasy XV mods? Are there any you'd recommend grabbing? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here

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