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Best Minecraft Mods of 2022

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Granted, having a sandbox game that has no real restrictions outside of your own imagination sort of makes mods somewhat redundant. Even in 2022, as we topple over the game's tenth anniversary, Minecraft is still happily serving up unfathomable creations for the world to gawp at. And honestly, that just goes to show how powerful the base game really is, and it's forever securing new ways to evolve and prosper in such an unforgiving industry.

But let's talk mods for a second. Being littered around every corner of the web, it seems only natural that Minecraft owns up to having its fair share. Whether they truly build on the base game and make it into something even greater is another question. Though, for us, we're pretty content with the vanilla version of the beloved 2011 global phenomenon. Unless, of course, we were forced to throw on a few sprinkles, in which case we'd opt for these.


10. Rougelike Adventures and Dragons

Minecraft is exactly what you make of it. It doesn't have to entail mind-boggling creations that dare to break the fourth wall, or anything like that. It can, of course, be simple, and in no way physically or mentally demanding. But that's the vanilla Minecraft. This mod, however, is anything but vanilla. Dungeons and dragons? You get the idea. It's a hybrid of role-playing and rougelike storytelling, complete with a leveling system and a whole flock of fire-breathing mobs.

Grab the mod here.

9. Animal Bikes

Because who hasn't dreamt about riding a Creeper in Minecraft, right? It was only a matter of time, to be honest, before that one particular mod sprout up out of the blue to give us that exact experience. And that's really all this mod does, and we're all for it. Whether it's a giraffe or a dragon—Animal Bikes allows for you to buckle up and go cruising on whatever animal takes your fancy. It's simple, yet oddly satisfying.

Grab the mod here.


8. Pixelmon

I for one can't say I've ever pictured Pokémon and Minecraft coming together to form one ultimate crossbreed, but there you go. Someone out there with a love for both thought it would be a good idea to mesh the two together to assemble an unlikely hybrid—and it worked, surprisingly well, at that. Although the Pokémon don't follow the typical blocky style like Minecraft, they do transform the game into a run-of-the-mill Pokémon experience. And yes, you can catch 'em all.

Grab the mod here.


7. The Lost Cities

It's only natural to feel deserted when being thrown into one of Minecraft's many desolate biomes. And so, what better way to cash in on the feeling of being abandoned than to insert an entire vacant metropolis to explore? That's pretty much what this particular mod aims for, and it's worryingly reminiscent of The Walking Dead's Atlanta. The only things missing are the hordes of flesh-deprived mobs. Or, at least that's what you're made to believe.

Grab the mod here.


6. Crafting Dead

While on the subject of flesh-deprived mobs, it wouldn't seem right to simply slide over this survival-based add-on. And while it is very simple in design, as is the bulk of Minecraft, the mod does breathe a second life into the day-to-day. All it takes is a biome chock-full of zombies, a multiplayer map fit to host a close-knit group of survivors, and a bucket of ammunition.

Grab the mod here.


5. LotsOMobs

In all fairness, there really are only so many pigs you can fend off with a stick before it becomes a little monotonous. Chasing down narwhals, on the other hand, is a little more interesting. Oh, and a giraffe. Thanks to this particular mod, Minecraft can be opened up to a whole ocean of animals and NPCs. These range from elephants to lions, seagulls to dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. How's that for monotonous?

Grab the mod here.


4. CandyCraft

If for whatever reason you watched Wreck-It Ralph back in 2012, then you'll likely know about Sugar Rush. And if you happened to picture such a bubbly creation being poured into Minecraft—then you'll be pleased to know that such a thing exists. Or, at least it does if you shove in a certain mod called CandyCraft. Doing so will give you a whole new world to explore, where everything is made up of—you guessed it—candy. I mean, who wouldn't want to build a gingerbread condo?

Grab the mod here.


3. Simply Jetpacks

Having to trek back to your campsite after a long day of acquiring materials can be a slog in itself. That's why a certain so-and-so made the effort to cut travel time down by, you know, making a jetpack to fly about on. And that's really all there is to it. No real tricks up the sleeve with this one. It's Simply Jetpacks, clean and simple. So, if you love the power of aviation, then be sure to bundle this mod into your game.

Grab the mod here.


2. BuildCraft

There's no ignoring the fact that building an empire fit for the lords of Minecraft takes time. Like, a lot of it. But doing it entirely by hand, on the other, you know, hand, is almost unheard of these days. That's simply because building bombastic creations involves expansive mods that speed up the entire process and give out resources without the headache. Take BuildCraft, for example. Here lies a mod that will churn out items just for simply acknowledging its existence. And believe us, that works well for when you're building something almost otherworldly.

Grab the mod here.


1. MineColonies

If you're just about done with scouting out resources to build your next blocky metropolis, then perhaps it's time to move your attention over to governing a city of your own. And you can, with a little nudge in the right direction courtesy of this particular mod. MineColonies allows for you to manage a settlement of your own, where you get to call the shots and sign off on various building arrangements. And it's available in multiplayer, meaning you can boss your friends about and pretty much get away with it.

Grab the mod here.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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