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5 Best Metroidvania Games on Mobile (2023)



Best Metroidvania Games on Mobile 2023

Are you a fan of exploration-based games with immersive worlds and challenging combat? Do you enjoy discovering hidden secrets and unlocking new abilities to progress through the game? If you answered yes to these questions, then you're in luck. Here we'll be diving into the world of Metroidvania games on mobile, and we're bringing you the 5 best titles that you simply can't afford to miss in 2023. From atmospheric environments to tight platforming, these games have it all.

So what exactly is a Metroidvania game? Well, the term is derived from two legendary games, Metroid and Castlevania. A Metroidvania game falls under the action-adventure genre and places a strong emphasis on exploration and character development. In these games, you typically assume the role of a protagonist navigating intricate worlds filled with obstacles and foes. As you progress, you uncover new paths and collect power-ups to enhance your abilities. With the rise in popularity of mobile gaming, developers are now bringing the thrilling Metroidvania experience to our smartphones and tablets. So, without further ado, let's dive into the 5 Best Metroidvania Games on Mobile in 2023.

5. Dead Cells

Dead Cells - Android Launch Trailer

Let's start with Dead Cells, a game that has received a lot of praise. It combines the exploration and progression aspects of Metroidvania with rogue-lite mechanics, resulting in unique and captivating gameplay. In Dead Cells, you play as a failed alchemic experiment, venturing through a vast castle teeming with dangerous enemies and challenging obstacles.

One of the game's standout features is its procedural level generation, ensuring that every playthrough is distinct and keeping the gameplay fresh and exhilarating. The controls are smooth, and the combat mechanics are satisfying, providing fast-paced and intense action. You'll come across a wide range of weapons and abilities, allowing you to tailor your loadout to match your preferred playstyle. As you acquire new powers and upgrades, the non-linear progression system grants you access to new areas and hidden secrets. Dead Cells boasts stylish visuals, an atmospheric soundtrack, and endless replayability, making it an exciting and addictive Metroidvania experience that you can enjoy on your mobile device.

4. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

Dandara: Trials of Fear Teaser Trailer

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition is a unique game that brings a fresh twist to the Metroidvania genre. It takes you on an extraordinary adventure where gravity has no hold on you. As Dandara, a courageous warrior, your mission is to save the world from an oppressive force. The gameplay in Dandara revolves around an exciting mechanic – you can jump between surfaces, defying gravity. This adds a new level of challenge and excitement to the exploration part of the game. You'll explore a vast and surreal world with intricate environments and hidden paths, all while facing formidable enemies.

The game's visuals are crafted with pixel art, giving it a visually stunning and immersive look. The atmospheric soundtrack complements the mysterious and ethereal atmosphere of the game. The narrative draws inspiration from Brazilian folklore, making it even more thrilling. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition offers a truly exceptional Metroidvania experience on mobile devices. It combines precise platforming and strategic combat, making it a game worth experiencing.

3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood Launch Trailer

No list of best Metroidvania games is complete without mentioning the iconic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Originally available on the PlayStation, this masterpiece by Konami has also been adapted for mobile devices, enabling players to enjoy epic adventures wherever they go. The game is set in Dracula's castle, an expansive location, and follows the story of Alucard, a protagonist who is part human and part vampire.

Furthermore, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is renowned for its gothic ambiance, haunting music, and intricate gameplay. It sets a high standard for the genre by offering a nonlinear exploration system, where players can uncover hidden areas, find powerful weapons and artifacts, and uncover the castle's secrets. The game features intense battles against legendary creatures of the night, each possessing unique strengths and vulnerabilities. With its engaging storyline, role-playing game elements, and stunning visuals, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of the best Metroidvania games on mobile in 2023.

2. Swordigo

Swordigo - iOS Gameplay Trailer

Next on our list is Swordigo, a beloved classic that never gets old. This game combines charming pixel art graphics and a nostalgic feel, captivating players of all ages. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and enchanting world as you take on the role of a young hero with a mission to save their land from the forces of darkness.

Swordigo seamlessly blends platforming, exploration, and combat, keeping you engaged throughout your adventure. As you progress, you'll unlock new abilities and spells, boosting your combat skills and granting access to previously unreachable areas. With intuitive controls, you'll easily navigate diverse landscapes, conquer challenging dungeons, and engage in thrilling battles against various enemies. But it's not just about the gameplay. Swordigo features an engrossing storyline, accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack that enhances the overall experience. Overall, Swordigo is undoubtedly one of the best Metroidvania games on mobile in 2023.

1. Grimvalor

Grimvalor - Launch Trailer (Android)

Grimvalor is an incredible mobile game that stands out in the Metroidvania genre in 2023. The game is all about exploring a scary world full of danger and mystery. You're a brave warrior on a mission to defeat evil creatures. You embark on a solitary journey to defeat evil, traversing atmospheric landscapes, battling challenging foes, and engaging in intense combat.

What sets Grimvalor apart is its user-friendly controls, allowing you to execute precise attacks, dodge incoming strikes, and unleash devastating combos effortlessly. As you progress, you'll unlock a wide array of weapons and abilities, giving you the freedom to tailor your playstyle to your liking. Additionally, Grimvalor presents epic boss battles that will put your skills and strategic thinking to the test. With its captivating storyline, breathtaking graphics, and addictive gameplay, Grimvalor guarantees hours of thrilling exploration and adventure. It's a game that keeps you hooked and offers a rewarding experience for mobile gaming enthusiasts.

What game did you like the most? Are there any other mobile Metroidvania games that you believe deserve a spot on this list? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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