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5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus (May 2023)



The PlayStation Plus library of games has grown considerably since its initial launch. Among the titles available are indie-developed titles. These games often have an inherent charm and offer hours of fun for the player. This makes PlayStation Plus a fantastic service for players to have. This is because often, players will be able to get certain games on discounts and many other benefits. So without further ado, enjoy our list of the 5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus (May 2023).

5. Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition

As far as indie games on PlayStation Plus go, you will be hard-pressed to find an entry as artful as Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition. This game allows for players to undergo a journey in which they will encounter many moral and philosophical questions about life and death. However, these heavy topics are wrapped within a cozy game, making them much easier to confront and deal with. Players will be able to engage in several activities along their journey to vary the gameplay quite a bit.

This includes activities such as farming and fishing and much more. While the game may take a slower pace than other titles, it utilizes this time extensively, enveloping the player within its world and characters. This makes for an overall more immersive experience and a game you can rely on to be more calming than stressful. Players will be in charge of creating great amenities to make the spirits that pass by feel more welcome on your boat. This gives the game a relaxed feel, but its artful presentation makes it one of the best indie games you can play through PlayStation Plus.

4. Celeste

Celeste is an absolute masterclass in game design and narrative structure. Players will be able to go throughout this journey, as Madeline. And upon their journey, they will encounter much internal turmoil to deal with. The way the game handles this is both with respect and a gentle touch narratively. The gameplay for the game is pretty challenging. However, the game itself is somewhat tricky to mirror the difficulty of these challenges. In fact, Celeste features over seven-hundred platforming levels for the player to contend with. However, this hardly is a problem as the gameplay is so fun and rewarding that players will want to continue playing.

However, this makes reaching the end all the more satisfying. The game is also wrapped in a lovely pixel-arty style that makes it really charming at first glance. The soundtrack for the game is also spectacular and fits the game's mood exceptionally well. So if you are someone who enjoys stellar single-player experiences, make sure you give Celeste a try because it is not only one of the best indie games on PlayStation Plus but one of the better games to release in quite some time.

3. Oddworld Soulstorm

Next on our list of fantastic indie games that are present in the PlayStation Plus library, we have Oddworld Soulstorm. This is a game that takes place in the beloved yet bizarre world of Oddworld. This is a game with a ton of old-school philosophies and game design behind it, brought into the order era. This means players will have to engage with the game's more classic approach to puzzle-solving and platforming. However, this is hardly a bad thing as it gives this game an immense charm that will keep the player invested.

The environmental design for the game has its own brand of storytelling throughout the game as well. This allows the game to tell its story through different avenues. And, for the most part, forgoing the traditional exposition dump approach. This is great as it allows the game itself to tell the story without getting bogged down within its own narrative. So if you are looking for an indie game on the PlayStation Plus roster of games, make sure you pick this title up.

2. Desperados III

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Next on our list of outstanding indie games present on the PlayStation Plus roster we have Desperados III. This is a game that places a heavy emphasis on its setting, as well as its strategic and tactical gameplay. As a result, players will have to move through each of the game's levels very carefully so as not to lose any resources that they have. In addition, this game pulls heavy influences from Wild West films and the era in general. This gives the game a distinct place in time and a graphical and visual style to boot.

Additionally, the story is carried over from the other Desperados games. However, they also do a great job of bringing newer players up to speed. So if this sounds appealing to you, then this is definitely a title you will want to have in your library. Its inclusion, as part of the PlayStation Plus library, makes it easier to access than ever, with no risk to downloading it, including a price tag. This is wonderful, as it lets players experience games that they might not normally have experienced. So if you haven't, definitely check out Desperados III.

1. Tchia

Now for our final entry, we have TchiaTchia is one of the finest indie games present on PlayStation Plus. So if you have the service, there is no reason not to check out this game. Featuring a sprawling world full of fleshed-out locations and characters, the love poured into this game is apparent. Players can participate in the game's spirit possession mechanic, which lets you control various wildlife around the islands. A unique feature of the game is the lack of traditional map markers. This encourages the player to explore and learn their locations.

Music also plays a massive role in this game, as players are given a fully functional ukelele in order to play certain songs. In addition, fully voice-acted cutscenes are usually highlighted with a song, making this a really captivating and enjoyable experience. Players will be able to fly, swim, sail, and use many other means of traversal along this epic journey. So if you haven't already, make sure you play Tchia, as it is one of the finest indie titles to release in recent memory.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on PlayStation Plus (May 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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