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5 Best Indie Games on iOS & Android (September 2023)

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The world of mobile gaming has absolutely exploded in recent times. This is in no doubt due to the fantastic power modern mobile devices have. This power allows players to experience phenomenal games, all without having to leave their mobile devices. With accessibility and a pick-up-and-play attitude toward these titles, it is wonderful to see so many indie developers pump out great titles for players to enjoy. So to highlight some of the best of the best, here are the 5 Best Indie Games on iOS & Android.

5. Bastion

We begin today's list of the best indie games available on iOS Android, with a fantastic ARPG. Bastion manages not only to present a phenomenal gameplay experience while maintaining its unique style but does so in a way that manages to enthrall the player. One of the game's strongest aspects is its narrative, which centers around players learning more about the world around them. For players looking for a wealth of content, this game also offers multiple ways to replay the game. These inclusions are features such as a New Game Plus mode, in which players can take on new challenges with later powers from the game.

From a visual standpoint, Bastion applies its hand-crafted art style wonderfully. Which in turn makes for a vibrant world for players to explore while they are living in it. Additionally, for players who are more story-driven, there is a more laid-back mode that players can use. These options make the experience of Bastion as a whole more appealing to a wider audience as well. For its adaptability, and great gameplay loop, we consider Bastion to be one of the best Indie games on iOS Android.

4. Dead Cells

Following up on our last entry, here we have Dead Cells. For fans of the Metroidvania genre, Dead Cells allows a great challenge. Set in a beautifully stylized world, Dead Cells sees players moving through wonderfully varied levels in order to progress. One of the most satisfying elements of Dead Cells is held within its progression system. This allows players great freedom regarding what type of character they wish to create. Adding to this feeling of freedom and wonder are the little secrets tucked away for players to find.

As if these aspects weren't great enough already, the game also receives regular updates. This means regardless of when you decide to jump into the game, you will have new content to complete. The game's combat is one that while punishing, remains forgiving enough for players to learn from their mistakes. This is great, as striking the balance between difficulty and challenge manages to make the game overall more rewarding. To close, Dead Cells is one of the best Indie games on iOSAndroid.

3. Darkest DungeonDark Fantasy Games

For our next entry, here we have Darkest Dungeon. For fans of difficult turn-based combat, this game should be right up your alley. Adding to Darkest Dungeon‘s appeal is an instantly recognizable visual style and aesthetic. This, coupled with its hardcore approach to combat and party mechanics makes this a great title for RPG lovers. Players will have to factor in many elements such as stress, anguish, and other things to ensure their party makes it out alive. This intrinsically allows players to grow a connection to their party throughout the game.

A phenomenal extra touch that the game uses to immerse the player is the narration. The narration of the game really manages to pull the player into the actions of their party, which is great for a more hardcore audience. However, the gameplay mechanics allow players to play this on the go, and maintain their party's health. This is fantastic and is a testament to how well Darkest Dungeon works on mobile. For these reasons, we consider Darkest Dungeon one of the best Indie games on iOSAndroid.

2. The Banner Saga

Staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry, here we have The Banner SagaThe Banner Saga allows players to experience a wonderful war campaign across many years. For players who are looking for a varied experience, the game features over twenty playable characters, meaning there is plenty of content to enjoy. One of the game's greatest aspects is its sense of scale and time, as you maneuver through frozen lands in search of glory. Additionally, the game features a fantastic skill component for players to enjoy as well.

This makes it so that players will have to stand by their decisions in The Banner Saga, as it often can make or break your party. To help with player identity, the game also has seven classes for players to choose from. Each of these classes manages to affect the game in its own way, making it feel wholly unique. So if you are looking for one of the best indie RPGs on iOS & Android, then The Banner Saga is a great choice for new and veteran RPG fans alike.

1. Stardew Valley

Rounding out our list of the best indie games on iOSAndroid, we have a title that many players adore. Stardew Valley is a charming indie farming/life sim that allows players to express themselves wonderfully. No matter what kind of player you are, what your playstyle is, or what you enjoy, there is fun to be had here. For those unaware, in Stardew Valley players are given a farm through an inheritance in order to break away from the mundane city life. It is here that players will be able to begin their journey in the quaint and lovely world.

For players who are fans of romance in games, Stardew Valley also has you covered. This is due to the many people that players can meet and romance in the game. This gives players a great amount of choice in the game. Adding to this is the great amount of activities players can participate in. These activities include things such as mining, fishing, and more cozy staples. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best indie games on iOS & Android, look no further than Stardew Valley.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Indie Games on iOS & Android (September 2023)? What are some of your favorite Indie games on iOS & Android? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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