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5 Best Games Like Bejeweled



Bejeweled is a puzzle game that has stood the test of time. This can be attributed to a couple of factors, such as ease of entry. As well as the rewarding nature of the game itself. These puzzle games often challenge the mind of the player to reach for ever higher scores and new heights. So if you are someone who enjoys these games, please look forward to our list of the 5 Best Games Like Bejeweled.

5. Cookie Jam

Cookie Jam is a game that challenges players to match up three different types of cookies. Much like Bejeweled, the majority of the gameplay is focused on this matching mechanic. While there is a loose story in the game, the primary focus of the game itself is the gameplay. Players will be able to try different pastries and go around to assorted bakeries around the world. This is a game that doesn’t have a shortage of levels either, as there are currently nearly ten-thousand levels for you to complete.

While this can certainly be done, it would take quite some time and a substantial amount of dedication in order to complete it. Luckily enough for players, the game varies its gameplay every couple of levels. The forms of gameplay that players will be able to participate in are as follows. Order, Waffle, Drop, and Hybrid levels, each of these levels has their own distinct flavor and flair to them. So if you are looking for a puzzling game with a delightful theme, check out Cookie Jam.

4. Zuma

First of all, Zuma is one of the oldest games on this list and has survived the test of time. This game is a bit different in how it is structured when compared to other games on the list, however. This isn’t a bad thing. I was just pointing out what is unique about Zuma. There is a ton of elements to keep up with in this tantalizing title-matching game. Basically, the gameplay loop is as follows. Players will have to match orbs as they appear on the screen. This, rather than being done in a grid fashion, is presented rather differently.

The game has a variety of game modes to choose from as well, featuring game modes that embrace the difficulty of the game and more laidback options. For example, there is the Gauntlet game mode in which players will have to contend with multiple levels until they inevitably lose. Additionally, there is a wealth of content within this game, and players can play for quite some time without seeing an end in sight. Finally, that isn’t to say the game can’t be played casually, it absolutely can, but it is one of the more challenging puzzle games on the market.

3. Pokemon Shuffle

First of all, Pokemon Shuffle has, without a doubt, the most recognizable IP behind it on this list. It uses this band power in a great way, allowing the game to be immensely popular off of brand recognition alone. That isn’t where the game stops, however, as it is not only serviceable as a puzzle game but exceedingly fun. This game adds a particular Pokemon twist to the typical puzzle game formula. Players will have to battle with Pokemon by completing these puzzles. These puzzles range in difficulty and can quickly become challenging.

There is also a unique element within the game of support Pokemon. These creatures allow for players to receive certain buffs and bonuses attributed to that Pokemon. This allows the player to customize their experience further and prepare for more difficult puzzles. There is a wide range of Pokemon that can be encountered within Pokemon Shuffle. This has no doubt aided its appeal. So if you are looking for a puzzle game that will rack your brain like Bejeweled, then perhaps Pokemon Shuffle is the game you have been searching for.

 2. Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 2 is a puzzle game that pulls a ton of inspiration from games such as Bejeweled. Where this game differs quite greatly and maintains its own sense of identity within its attribute system. Players are able to boost certain attributes in order to affect the outcome of their levels. There are also class-based mechanics in the game that greatly affect a player’s character. There are four classes that each have their own distinct style and attributes to look after.

The game itself does a fantastic job of incorporating elements from different genres, all within this one puzzle game. The RPG elements of the game give the game a sense of familiarity with players who are used to building out their characters. There is also a mana system in which players will have to manage the use of their mana by storing abilities away to use in combat. So if you are looking for a game that has a unique take on the puzzle game genre, then Puzzle Quest 2 is a fantastic choice. While it may lack the name recognition of games like Bejeweled, it is an incredibly fun time.

1. Candy Crush Sagacandy crush saga on phone

Candy Crush Saga has completely shed its humble beginnings to become a mobile gaming phenomenon. With everyone and their mother playing the game, its popularity cannot be understated. Much like other titles on this list, Candy Crush Saga adapts the Bejeweled formula with a couple of unique twists along the way. This has led the game to have its own distinct identity. Added to that is a massive ad and marketing campaigns that made the game unavoidable for some, and you can see why this game is a success.

With faithful fans reaching astronomical heights in terms of the levels they have obtained, this game is popular for a reason. Simply put, playing is entertaining, whether in small bursts or extended sessions. The easy-to-understand hard-to-master style gameplay makes it one of the best games to jump into mobile gaming. There is no doubt a reason why the game has maintained its status for so long. So if you, by chance, haven’t played Candy Crush Saga, and are looking for games to scratch an itch much like Bejeweled, then this is a great title to play.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Bejeweled? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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