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7 Best Games on Amazon Prime Gaming (April 2022)



best games on amazon prime gaming april 2022

For the last few months, Amazon's Prime Gaming has been creating a buzz by generously offering a bunch of free games every month. Not only were the games free, but there were some big titles on offer like Elder Scrolls IV, World War Z, and more. Along with some popular games, Prime Gaming also unearthed some old favorites like Monkey Island.

So if you're looking for subscription-based services like the Game Pass, then you should check out Amazon Prime Gaming. Alongside some popular free games every month, you get exclusive in-game items, and some Twitch perks as well.

If you're confused which games to play, heres's a quick list of some of the top games on Prime Gaming.

7 Games You Should Check Out on Amazon Prime Gaming

And here are our picks!

1. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

star wars jedi

Star Wars as a series is a global phenomenon that has its setup “in a galaxy far far away.” The story revolves around two factions known as Rebels and Imperial forces of the galactic empire under the command of a fallen Jedi once known as Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Vader. The Jedi Fallen Order takes place five years after the clone wars.

The protagonist, Cal Kestis was played by Cameron Monaghan. The protagonist is your regular goody two shoes with the iron resolve not to seek vengeance. Jedi Fallen order feels like a mix of adventure – an exploration of the Uncharted with combat and gameplay similar to Elden Ring.


2. World War Z: Aftermath

world war z aftermath

World War Z is a third-person zombie shooter video game developed by Saber Interactive and published by Mad Dog Games. World War Z : Aftermath is a much-needed upgrade from the original game that debuted in 2019 with more thrilling episodes to play through, a wider selection of playable classes, and many major improvements made to the gameplay and character designs. Similar to World War Z (2019),

Aftermath too has its flaws in poor storytelling, co-op Multiplayer issues, and lack of character involvement in the story but still sounds promising with enough room for improvement. Aftermath adds two new campaigns that take you and your squad to fight off thousands of zombies in a battle to win back Vatican City, Rome, and explore the depths of spooky wastelands in Kamchatka, Russia.


3. Guild of Ascension

guild of ascension

Guild of Ascension is a thrilling mix of turn-based RPG and rogue-like elements with a lightweight story to the plot. While the Role of the tower has been well explained in the backstory, the character we come across in the game turns out to be a slightly generic, old-school NPC. Meanwhile, the two playable characters create a dynamic duo and leave a lot of room for players to think and plan out their strategies. The levels of the game are designed on a square-based grid, so the cardinal directions limit the movements and attacks of the characters.

The game gives the player a view of the whole arena from above. So, the players can see the opponents and choose the best course of action to defeat the level. Guild of Ascension is a standard dungeon crawler with a map that hints at the type of encounters you’ll face in each area you explore. There is not much to look for in the story or character development, but the game doesn’t rely on those aspects to be fun to play.


4. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

elder scrolls 4

Bethesda has an impressive portfolio of open-world games and their Elder scroll series is one of the best first-person fantasy RPGs out there. What set Oblivion apart from its predecessor Morrowind was the in-depth story, variety of NPC characters, and the option to choose our character’s strengths/fighting styles. The aesthetically pleasing environment and architectural structures only added to the game's charm.

Not only that, but the developers brought in a revolutionary AI for their NPC called Radiant A.I. which made NPC-to-player conversation much more natural. It gave the players an option to start a quest with an NPC conversation. To add more personalities to these NPCs, players sometimes have to convince them to give information. This is what makes the single-player more nuanced and interactive. Prime Gaming offered Elder Scrolls IV for free in April 2022.


5. Escape Machine City: Airborne

escape machine city

Escape Machine City: Airborne is a well-created Escape room game that appears to be the follow-up to Escape Machine City. There isn’t much narrative to it so players aren’t missing out on any story. The plot is for us to figure out why did a floating airship city go radio silent for 2 days.

The escape room game is a very mobile, colorful 3D graphics, retro-futuristic game. But it suffers from low resolution and forgettable music. In short Escape Machine City: Airborne is a short, fun puzzle-solving game with decent graphics and an intriguing aesthetic.


6. SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

gilgamech prime gaming

Despite the game revolving around cards, the essence of it doesn’t feel like a cliché card game. SteamWorld Quest is a role-playing card game that feels more than just a card battle. It captures its unique essence in the comforting and colorful aesthetic of the game alongside a well-written storyline to follow. The humorous setup for the story and interesting characters keeps you hooked. The visuals, art style, and the environment all complement the story.

Some flaws that bugged the players were small card decks, long card battles, inability to manually save game files, and the character dialogues not being voiced. Regardless of the few cons, SteamWorld has always put great efforts into working on the story and the aesthetic revolving around story.


7. Surviving Mars

surviving mars prime gaming

City building games have always given players a sense of laid back peaceful gameplay with enough time to enjoy the game and all the tiny bits they offers. But Surviving Mars defies the stereotype and turns out to be a stressful experience.

Players have to choose the right space agency for resources and financial support before determining a suitable location. Next, players have to develop infrastructures necessary for colonists to survive an alien planet, research newer possibilities to survive, cultivate your own food, mine minerals, and complete many such tasks. Building life sustainable on a planet not fit for human life brings forth a conundrum of challenges that need the player to tackle using their smarts and resources in balance.

Unlike sims, the NPC colonists here are somewhat boring. All we could ever do to them is either help them survive or watch them suffocate because of our minor faults. For players seeking challenges, this game provides multiple scenarios to play against and prove that you can somehow survive the red planet.


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