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5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass (September 2023)



Free-to-play titles remove tons of barriers to entry for players to play together. This makes these games great to recommend for either friends on a tight budget, or someone who simply wants more variety in their games. That said, the variety of gameplay that can be found in many of the titles on Xbox Game Pass is impressive. Players can have everything from fantastic RPGs to more fast-paced shooter titles. So without further ado, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass.

5. Naraka Bladepoint

Starting today's list of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass, we have Naraka Bladepoint. Through its smooth combat and unique design, Naraka Bladepoint has gone on to become the premier melee battle royale title. The game's aesthetics and flair for visuals certainly help in this regard, and elevate the experience. For those unaware, in Naraka Bladepoint, players duke it out against one another on massive maps. The game's combat is one that is centered around not only techniques but also blocking and parrying. This makes the combat for the game rather in-depth while also being simple to pick up.

The game places a high skill ceiling while ensuring it is simple enough for anyone to jump into. Additionally, the game also often hosts events with other IPs meaning you will be able to see quite a few familiar faces. Another shining example of the game's great gameplay can be found within its movement system. Moving seamlessly and smoothly across these massive maps never ceases to feel exciting. In short, Naraka Bladepoint is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.

4. Doom Eternal

Switching things up quite considerably with our next entry, here we have Doom Eternal. While our last entry centered around fast-paced and fluid melee combat, this entry does the same but through the lens of an FPS title. Doom Eternal had some rather large shoes to fill following the success of its predecessor. That said, they were able to absolutely capitalize and improve upon the game's existing formula in order to create something new that players who love FPS games can enjoy.

The game itself has seen quite a few improvements to technical aspects such as frame rate and animations. But it is the game's inclusion of RPG mechanics that brings the player's character to life just that little bit more. RPG mechanics and upgrades are systems that many players who love Doom only realized fit beautifully with the game after its inclusion in Doom Eternal. So if you are looking for an FPS title to simply blow you away. Check out one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass, Doom Eternal.

3. Smite

Our next entry is one that has hours upon hours of content within it. SMITE is a fantastic MOBA that takes the lore of various gods and goddesses from around the world and melds them together. Players will face other players in combat utilizing a number of different types of abilities. This is a free-to-play title on Xbox Game Pass that would be perfect for learning to play with friends. This is due to the fact that learning the ropes so to speak, is a lot more fun with a party of great friends. The animations for the moves in the game are great, with each feeling unique to the character.

This is a delicate balance to strike, especially considering how many characters there are within the game. There is a role system as is the case with many other MOBA titles, which players will have to abide by. If you take the time and learn the game, however, you are rewarded with a phenomenal experience from start to finish. So if you are looking for something a bit more multiplayer-oriented, then SMITE might be up your alley. To close, SMITE is one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass.

2. Halo Infinite

master chief halo infinite

Next up we have a title that players no doubt will be familiar with. Halo Infinite, despite having some troubles surrounding its release, has gone on to improve itself greatly. This can be seen not only in the variety of game modes that have been introduced into the game. But also in the solidity of the game's core gameplay loop. The Ranked system for the game has been vastly improved since launch. This makes it more competitive and balanced, which was sorely needed. The core gameplay itself has also seen several passes to ensure that is some of the most satisfying FPS gameplay on the market.

Another one of the greatest aspects of Halo Infinite is the variety found within its game modes. Players can create their own custom game modes. Additionally, there are several game modes that also teach the player how to play the game as well as let more veteran players hone their skills. All in all, if you are looking for a more modern Halo experience, make sure you check out one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox Game Pass.

1. Destiny 2

Rounding out our list of the best free-to-play games available on Xbox Game Pass, we have Destiny 2. In terms of sheer content, it can be hard to compete with what Destiny 2 has to offer. While you can only play the vanilla content for free, the amount of time you can get out of it is impressive. Players can potentially pour hundreds of hours into the game without having to pay for anything. Additionally, if you find the experience to be one you enjoy, you can upgrade to one of the game's many versions.

The core gameplay loop found in Destiny 2‘s PvE content is simple. Players move throughout space and go on quests to loot enemies. This never ceases to be satisfying, and the rewards given to the player scale quite well depending on how deep you are in the game. For players who seek a phenomenal PvP experience, this game also has you covered. If you are looking for a game that brings players the best of both worlds. Then definitely give Destiny 2  a try, as it is one of the best games on Xbox Game Pass.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass (September 2023)? What are some of your favorite Free-to-Play Games on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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