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Best Character Creation Games in 2023

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You can't begin an MMO or RPG properly without first creating a character fit to your liking. After all, you'll be embarking on a long and perilous journey in which you'll play a significant role in the story. As a result, you want to feel comfortable with your character and make sure they're exactly how you envisioned them to be. However, this isn't always possible due to some games having poor or limited character creation.

Our picks for the best character creation games in 2023, on the other hand, offer the most freedom when it comes to character creation. From head to toe, these games give you the most creative flexibility to design the most intimidating or outlandish characters you can think of. So, read on to find out what they are!

5. Cyberpunk 2077

best character creations games

First on our list of the best character creation games is Cyberpunk 2077. Although it may have had a bug-filled launch, one thing players couldn't hate on when it released was its extensive character creation. However, being set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where body modifications are the norm, it just makes sense that CD Projekt Red invested heavily in the game's character creation feature. All the way down to you being able to alter your characters' private parts and even make them non-binary – one of the few games to provide the choice.

But customizing protagonist “V” consists of more than just designing their human and robotic attributes. Depending on the life path you choose, you can assign your character different attribute points for Body, Intelligence, Reflexes, Technical Ability, and Cool. Thus letting you dictate your character's personality and aptitude. Furthermore, where you assign these attributes will determine the type of cyberware you can install on yourself later in the game.

As a result, Cyberpunk 2077 provides an extensive amount of character customization. Not just at the start, but also throughout the entire course of the game.

4. Black Dessert Online

If you aren't looking to make the most bizarre character possible but rather a proper good-looking character, take the character customization in Black Desert Online for a spin. It has an extremely detailed and in-depth system that lets you customize everything down to your character's limb proportions, facial structure, and hair strands. However, that may seem standard at this point.

The reason we consider it to be one of the best character creation games is because it allows you to go more in-depth than most games. Allowing you to modify the shape of your eyes, nose, and ears. In addition, to things like eye and hair color, and that's just scratching the surface. In general, there is a lot to toy around with. Nonetheless, you can really create some awesome-looking and detailed characters with the tools it gives you.

3. Elden Ring

You can't properly begin a FromSoftware souls-like game without creating a character suitable for the adventure. After all, you are buckling in for a long and agonizing fight ahead of yourselves. So, might as well start the adventure with some confidence by customizing a character you deem fit for taking down bosses quadruple their size. Out of all of FromSoftware's souls-like games, Elden Ring offers the best character creation. It allows you to detail your characters, body type, skin color, and muscle size, and dictate every last detail of their face, from their hair and eyes to even giving them tattoos.

However, Elden Ring's character customization doesn't stop there. The other half of Elden Ring's character customization fun falls on the armor you outfit your character with. This is also determined by the stats you choose for your character, such as whether you want a mage, strength, or dexterity build. Since the skills you level for your characters build further depict the type of armor they can wear. And best believe, there is a lot of armor you can outfit them with, regardless of your build. You can dress them up as a heavy sword-wielding bowling ball, or an eerie-looking Mage like the one featured above.

2. Baldur's Gate III

Best character creation games

Although Baldur's Gate III isn't due to release until August of 2023, you can play the first act and even dive into some of the character customization options thanks to its Early Access. Even in Early Access, Bulder's Gate III is already showing promise to have some of the best character creation out of all the games releasing this year. Giving you tons of freedom in appearance, and more in terms of origin, race, class, abilities, skills, and gender.

Some options, such as sculpting faces haven't quite made their way into the game. Therefore, presets are currently taking it's place. Nonetheless, once the full version of the game is released, we expect the third title in the series to feature some of the best character creation in the series.

1. Soulcalibur VI

Best character creation games

Rarely does a fighting game offer excellent character customization. It's more so what you would expect from an MMO or RPG. That's why it may come as a surprise when we say Soulcalibur VI is one of the games with the best character creation we've ever seen. In all honesty, it's way better than it needs to be. However, that just means more fun for those of us that want the utmost freedom when it comes to character customization.

The key to Soulcalibur VI's exceptional character customization is a result of the game's flexible accessory and clothing system, which allows players to combine items and be extremely precise about where they want to be placed on the body. As a result, you are able to create pretty much anything, including fictional and popular culture characters.

Take Link in the image above for example; he isn't even in Soulcalibur VI, but you can make him using the game's extensive character customization. And this is just one illustration; to name a few, players have recreated Donkey Kong, Thanos, and Freddy Krueger. Therefore, it's pretty easy to see why we consider Soulcalibur VI to be one of the best character creation games of 2023.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our picks for the best character creation games in 2023? Do you know of other games that have excellent character customization? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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