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5 Best Adventure Games on Xbox Series X|S (March 2023)



Witcher 3 Box Edition

The Xbox Series X|S has a ton of amazing adventure titles. Through the power of the console, we are able to see these adventures realized in outstanding graphical fidelity. This, for some, makes the world come alive like never before. These are rich worlds full of depth and lore. This console is a great place to play these adventure games. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 5 Best Adventure Games on Xbox Series X|S (March 2023).

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderBlack Friday 2022: 5 Best PC Game Deals

Star Wars as intellectual property is absolutely massive. So when players found out that they were getting a single-player adventure RPG in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, interests were piqued. Upon release, the game had tons of players singing its praises as everything from the combat to the fully-realized world allowed players to explore parts of the Star Wars universe they had never seen before. In addition, the ability to adapt your character into who you wanted them to be was also incredibly interesting.

The game also came through with a trademark difficulty that served to give the game quite a bit more longevity as well. The game, at least comparatively, was much more difficult than most single-player offerings from the Star Wars video game canon. This isn't a bad thing, either, as rising up to the challenge of the game feels fantastic. And it allows you to adventure throughout its world for just a while longer. So if you are someone who either is a Star Wars fan or simply a fan of adventure games as a whole, definitely check out one of the best adventure games on the Xbox Series X|S.

4. Psychonauts 2

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For players who are familiar with Psychonauts, its sequels inclusion on this list should come as no surprise. Psychonauts 2 takes all of the unbridled creativity of the first game and ramps it up through the power of modern technology. Throughout the game, players will play as a familiar face, Raz, from the first game. This gives the game a sense of familiarity for those who have played the first game, which is great. Being available through the power of Xbox Game Pass also makes this title extremely accessible. The unique design of the game instantly makes it stand out even among more adventurous adventure titles.

While the majority of the player's time will be spent platforming, the way in which the game incorporates psychic abilities makes it very interesting. This is a game that allows players to explore for themselves and find their own adventures. The level design, as well as many other elements, shine in this title. Making it a fantastic choice for one of the best adventure games that you can experience on the Xbox Series X|S.

3. Sea of Thieves

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Despite its rather rocky launch, it has been smooth sailing for Sea of Thieves since they addressed the game's issues. This game is one that embodies the high fantasy setting of piracy and life on the high seas. The game does a fantastic job of incorporating multiplayer elements into the game, and having you sail around with your friends is always a great time. Along the way, players will work hard together and make a mountain of treasure for themselves. As far as strictly adventuring goes, this might be the aptest choice on our list, in fact.

The open world within the game is so fully realized that players can partially smell the salty air as they sail away for hours. This game is one that encourages cooperation between players, as well as competition. Making it a wonderful title for those who want to get immersed in their own adventure. So if you haven't played Sea of Thieves, the game is extremely accessible, even being made available through the Xbox Game Pass system. So there is no better time than now to join the adventure on the high seas.

2.No Man's Sky5 Best Sci-fi Games on PSVR

No Man's Sky is a game that, with its polarizing launch, left a bad taste in some players' mouths. Despite this, the developers at Hello Games were hard at work to rectify the game's many problems. Initially, the game suffered from a lot of issues. These included the promised boundless scale being reduced to an afternoon or two of exploring. Added to this, the feature that had been hyped up by the developers for a long time, the multiplayer, wasn't exactly present at the launch.

Since then, however, the developers went back to the drawing board and have made No Man's Sky the boundless adventurer that they initially promised. As a result, there are many elements to this game that make it wonderful for players who enjoy adventure games. These include the fact that the game's scale is now nearly boundless and invites you to explore it. In addition, the mining mechanics, as well as many other mechanics for the game, have all been smoothed out. Simply put, if you haven't explored the adventure that is No Man's Sky, now is a great time to do so, as it is one of the best adventure games on the Xbox Series X|S.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that cannot stop itself from collecting accolades. The game itself is simply stunning, and traveling throughout its world never ceases to amaze. Everything from the combat to the coziness and immersion, feeling tucked away in every nook and cranny, is phenomenal. The game even updated its combat system to make it more acceptable for modern standards and sensibilities. This shows the developer's willingness to work away at the game, even to this day, to make it even better.

Featuring quests that will remain with players far after they complete the game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt epitomizes adventure. Traveling the lands as Geralt never ceases to leave players stunned, whether it is through the seemingly boundless environments. So if you, by chance, have not experienced this wonderful title, there has never been a better time than now to do so. Experiencing this game is one of the grandest adventures that modern-day players can embark on.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Adventure Games on Xbox Series X|S (March 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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