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Baltic Folk: Everything We Know

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Baltic Folk: Everything We Know

Few games draw inspiration from Baltic Mythology. Well, with Baltic Folk, that gap will surely become much less wide. In a world of forest souls and ancient gods, Baltic Folk steeps its lore in intriguing gameplay that aims to deliver a cozy experience for a chill afternoon. Read on to learn everything we know so far about the upcoming Baltic Folk

What is Baltic Folk?

Tree houses

Baltic Folk is an upcoming magical tavern management game. It draws heavy inspiration from Baltic Mythology, with ancient gods from folk tales. The gameplay is exactly as you imagine, with the management of a typical tavern at its core. 

From hiring staff to meeting your customers’ needs, Baltic Folk will capitalize on tried-and-tested business management mechanics. It may not go as in-depth as modern takes on business simulation, but it sure does seem to capture the hearty and lively goings-on of a tavern. 


Baltic Folk play room

Baltic Folk’s story is pretty straightforward. You play the role of a young innkeeper. Your job is to manage a tavern that belongs to your grandmother. You’ll help your grandmother perform all sorts of tavern duties, including managing the tavern, decorating it to your satisfaction, and expanding the business to thriving status. 

While infusing the typical goings-ons of managing a tavern, Baltic Folk has a fantasy side. Your tavern, for instance, is a building that is constantly on the move. It’s a “traveling tavern” that has wheels of its own! Similarly, it seems some of the customers who will be walking into your tavern will be fantasy creatures. 

Baltic Folk promises, via Steam, “a colorful cast of characters inspired by Baltic folklore, from mischievous witches to ethereal forest spirits and majestic pagan gods.” So, get ready to serve ancient gods and even forest souls, ensuring that they leave your tavern with glowing customer reviews.

According to Steam, Baltic Folk will offer “cozy vibes” and “relaxing mechanics.” So, while it may require some thought process to create and serve enticing recipes, it’ll likely be a charming breeze.



Baltic Folk’s gameplay will revolve around managing a magical tavern that is constantly on the move. It kicks off with building your dream tavern to your satisfaction. You’ll be free to decorate its interior to your liking, with diverse tools and features to tinker around with. These will include paintings, furniture, carpets, and more, with the aim of creating a unique and charming ambience.

Thereafter, you’ll need to hire staff to keep the activities in your tavern running smoothly. The description says that you’ll need to manage your staff, too, so there’ll likely be a UI for viewing each staff member’s skills and abilities and ensuring you assemble the perfect team. According to the Baltic Folk Steam Store Page, you’ll also manage finances, buy supplies, and maintain your tavern’s day-to-day with “precision and care.” 

Next up, we will be crafting recipes. Your tavern will not only be serving drinks but meals as well. You’ll craft tasty menus that delight your customers, who will range from ordinary folk to forest souls and even ancient gods. Baltic Folk will include magical guests, with all types of customers coming through the doors of your tavern. 

The more you play, the more recipes you’ll discover. You’ll even unlock new upgrades that help expand your tavern’s business and status in the community. Beyond better recipes, upgrades will also unlock new rooms, facilities, and attractions to welcome more customers and hike up your revenue.

Your overall goal, at the end of the day, is to boost your reputation among the Baltic folk. So, while the recipes won’t be head-scratchers, you’ll still need to deliver the best service to beat the game.



Developer and publisher SneakyBox is currently working on Baltic Folk. The first official announcement of the game’s ongoing development was made at the OTK Games Expo 2024 event. It showcased the first reveal trailer, out now on YouTube. The studio focuses on developing games, VR/AR, and interactive products. They’ve worked on quite a number of games over the years, including Quantum Recharged, Lords of the Fallen, Days of Doom, Star Trek Resurgence, and more. 

Most of the games the studio has worked on have been in collaboration with game developers like Atari and Adamvision Studios. Goalkeeper VR Challenge, an immersive sports-action game, is the first project SneakyBox developed and published in 2018. It’s quite a different genre from Baltic Folk, but with SneakyBox’s wide-ranging experience in all its other projects, they’re no doubt well-prepared for the task at hand.

So far, we only have a reveal trailer and Steam Store page out on the respective platforms. Very little else is known about the development progress so far. However, Baltic Folk does have a dedicated X (formerly Twitter) page where SneakyBox should be posting new updates, possibly when we can expect Baltic Folk to hit the stands.


Baltic Folk - Reveal Trailer

SneakyBox has released the first Baltic Folk reveal trailer, out now on YouTube. It showcases the unique art style and theme you can expect in the upcoming game. We also see quite deep management mechanics, including staff management, recipe craftsmanship, and leveling up. As is, the game looks pretty cool. Hopefully, SneakyBox brings to life a seamless and enjoyable tavern simulation end-product.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

Baltic Folk Dinning area

Unfortunately, Baltic Folk doesn’t have an exact release date yet. The Steam Store page only says the game is “coming soon.” However, we can confirm that Baltic Folk will be coming to PC platforms via Steam. 

You can even add Baltic Folk to your Steam wishlist as early as now to get a notification as soon as it drops. Editions remain under wraps for now. With plenty of information in the wind, you can always follow the official social handle or stick with us right here on to keep track of new updates. 

So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of Baltic when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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