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Astralis beat Liquid to win ECS Season 8 Finals

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All fans of Counter Strike Global Offensive expected a great game to watch, and were crowned with an electrifying clash in the finals. The series was played on a best of 3 maps and was decided on the tiebreaker. The Astralis Danes secured their fifth title in the year 2019, beating Liquid in the ECS Season 8 final, leading the prize

Vertigo: 19×15 Liquid

Starting from CT, Team Liquid had a very strong start against the Danes, who couldn't fit their strategies into the match. After opening 11-4 on the scoreboard in the first half, Liquid came close to winning their map of choice, with just a few points left to start the series on the right foot. In switching sides, Astralis won the pistol round to reduce the lead, but Liquid managed to secure the after plant in the next round and opened 12-5.

The Danes still scored a few CT points and put pressure on the Americans, recovering the disadvantage in the match and bringing the tie 13-13, leaving the match very fierce. After round exchanges between teams, Liquid opened 15 points, but Astralis brought it back and took the map for overtime.

Overtime, the Americans gave Astralis no chance to create plays and, thus, closed the game by the score of 19-15.

Nuke: 16×11 Astralis

On the second map of the series, Liquid started with the lead after winning the pistol round, however Astralis managed to find holes in the American defense and tied the game 5-5. After several round exchanges between teams, with several clutches won, Liquid finished the first half with an 8-7 lead on CT.

Switching sides, the Americans entered bombsite A with a quick pass, causing Astralis to throw a retake. With 3 important eliminations, Stewie2k secured the second half pistol round and increased the lead to 9-7.

Continuing the strong pace, Liquid made 11-7, but Astralis did not give up and with two crucial rounds, lowered the score to 11-10, further complicating the financial situation of the Americans.

Emil ‘Magisk' Reif secured victory for Astralis at Nuke (Image: HLTV).

Concluding the reaction, the Danish team managed to pull off the tie at 11-11, showing that it would not easily deliver the victory to Team Liquid. After turning the game on 12-11, Astralis dominated the endgame and won the second map victory by 16-11, drawing the series at 1 map to 1 and taking the decision to Dust 2.

Dust 2: 16×8 Astralis

Finishing in Dust 2, the game started completely in favor of Astralis, who decimated Liquid's defense in the first half of the match, making the 12-3 partial and putting the Americans in an almost irreversible side-swapping situation. Needing to win the pistol round and the following points to be able to pursue the game, Liquid squandered the chance and let Astralis make 13-3 on the last map.

Needing a miracle, Liquid still tried to pull some points on top of the Danish defense, but it did no good to prevent defeat by the 16-8 score, thus winning the series by 2 maps to 1 and the eighth season title of the ECS.

The End

CS: GO ECS Season 8 was held in Arlington, United States, from November 28 to December 1. There, eight teams went in search of the title and most of the $ 500,000 prize pool. Here's how the final tournament standings went:

1. Astralis – US$ 225.00o

2. Liquid – US$ 100.000

3/4. Fnatic and Evil Geniuses – US$ 50.000

5/6. MIBR and NiP – US$ 25.000

7/8. Sharks and AVANGAR – US$ 12,5.000

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