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Assassin’s Creed: 5 Eras We Would Love to See



It's common knowledge that Ubisoft wields the keys to history and all of its contents. That's why it comes as no surprise when fans of Assassin's Creed step up to have their favourite eras acknowledged. Whether they're used or not is another question — as the franchise clearly has a concrete plotline with little room for unnecessary filler games. *Cough*

Anyway, we've been submitting potential worlds for the Assassin's Creed timeline for years. Ever since the story drifted away from Masyaf and followed an entirely fictional world post Assassin's Creed 2, actually. That's essentially where Ubisoft coined the idea of “if it's a thing — then we can use it” for future instalments. However, even after the renowned developer stepped into the likes of piracy, steampunk and everything in between, people are still pouring out new concepts to try out. Though, we think these five in specific would make for excellent additions to the Creed.


5. Modern-day

Assassin's Creed has plenty to work with if the modern-day route is taken in future.

We'll come straight off the bat with this one and say modern-day assassins would be a pretty neat take. Of course, we've dabbled in our technical era plenty of times before — but never to the full extent. Sadly, after our adventures with Desmond Miles drew to a close post-Assassin's Creed 3, the modern-day scenarios dwindled into bite-sized chunks of first-person patrolling. And, while that was somewhat entertaining for the most part, it didn't quite satisfy our hunger.

With modern-day tools and struggles thrown into the fold, Assassin's Creed could compile a rather fascinating chapter — one that we could actually relate to, perhaps. Though, with more intriguing stepping stones in the world of history, a modern one might not be the most attractive — especially when next to a million other games that take place in the present. And so, for that reason alone, we're putting this one down as our fifth request.


4. 1920s New York

1920s America has been on a few lists ever since Assassin's Creed dabbled in modern history.

It's kind of hard to picture a hooded assassin in a 1920s gangster-themed city where polka dots and pressed suits were adopted. That being said, could a smartly dressed assassin be that much of a bad thing? In fact, it could be the change of pace every fan of the franchise could need after sinking so many hours into the shadows. While not being the iconic appearance that made the series famous, to begin with, it could be a fascinating entry to the Piece of Eden timeline.

The 1920s hosted the likes of swanky jazz clubs, pinstriped suits and the unchallenged underworld of criminal activity and corruption. That's why we think both the assassins and templars could make for a pleasing little chapter between the New York drama. Plus, as Syndicate closed its books in 1868 — what's to say Evie Frye and Henry Green's potential child didn't cross seas and seek fame in The Big Apple? Just a theory.


3. The Wild West

It's about time Ubisoft stepped into the Wild West, isn't it?

Okay, so picture this: you're strolling through a dust-riddled ghost town with the squawk of a cloaked eagle shadowing your back. You slowly remove your leather hood and raise your wrist to stare down the barrel of a gun. The dustballs weave between winding paths and make way for your enemy, standing gridlocked dead ahead. The Templar order has only one remaining enforcer on the run — and you're about to take him — dead or alive. It's time. The creed awaits your final move.

Assassin's Creed has so much room for a Wild West chapter, and yet, we haven't seen one since the birth of the franchise. And, that seems kind of sad, considering there is so much potential within this action-packed era with tonnes of influential characters branching from its rich history. Although taking place between 1865 and 1895, a Western chapter could've worked rather well after the events of Assassin's Creed: Unity (1789).


2. Ancient Rome

We sure would get a kick out of seeing Rome during its glory days.

One of Ubisoft's biggest mistakes is skipping the opportunity to implement Ancient Rome into their timeline. After Origins and Odyssey, the two previous chapters pointed towards The Roman Empire as its final setting for the Piece of Eden. However, Ubisoft decided to fast-forward 700 years and focus on Vikings for their next journey instead. This, of course, left a lot of players underwhelmed after several DLC packs from Odyssey all set the stage for an Ancient Rome chapter.

We've stepped into Rome in the past — but never during its glory days where the empire was at the apex of corruption and greed. That's something we've wanted to explore for years, though Ubisoft seems to be way past the idea of concluding the ancient civilization subplot. But anyway, we'll keep biting at their ankles until they submit to our endless line of enquiries.


1. Feudal Japan

Could Ubisoft challenge Sucker Punch at their own game?

Since Ghost of Tsushima practically dominated the market and awards ceremonies over 2020, it would seem like a rather hopeless concept to mix assassins and templars in the Japanese domain. However, fans of the franchise have been knocking at Ubisoft's doors way before Sucker Punch knuckled down on the Tsushima chapter. That's not to say both worlds can't coexist in completely different worlds, though. In fact, there is so much to explore throughout the Samurai age, that Ubisoft could easily mould their own narrative.

The Shogun, predominately acting as an informant to the Creed? Or perhaps even a rogue assassin acting on behalf of the Templar Order? Who knows what Assassin's Creed could spin with the idea. Either way, fans would definitely get a kick out of a Japanese segment to the timeline. Let's just hope Ubisoft finally adapt to the high-demand before it's too late.

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