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Are Video Games the Best Way for People to Get a Taste of Thailand?

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Thailand is a location that many people would love to travel to. It attracts around 40 million people every year due to its climate, food, and famous hospitality. However, for some, getting to the Southeast Asian nation is impossible.

Video games can transport players to new and exciting locations, giving them a chance to experience different cultures and environments without ever leaving their homes. Thailand has featured in several popular games, offering players a chance to explore its rich culture and stunning landscapes in digital form.

Thailand Has Been Used in a Range of Genres

One of the best-known games set in Thailand is Tomb Raider: Underworld, which was developed by Crystal Dynamics and released by Eidos Interactive in 2008. As is usually the case with games in the franchise, it took place across a range of settings. Thailand was included in various parts, with Lara having to navigate ruins in the country. This is certainly a game that is well worth revisiting for fans of the series.

Another much-loved game that used Thailand as a setting was Hitman. A mission to the country was released in a content update for the 2016 title. Agent 47 traveled to Bangkok to take out a high-value target. The target was staying at a luxury resort in Bangkok and gave players a taste of the city’s unique appeal.

HITMAN™ Episode 4 Bangkok, Thailand "Club 27" Walkthrough - Silent Assassin

Another way to experience Thailand in a virtual setting is through iGaming. One of the most popular titles on the market is Thai Flower Megaways, which is one of the top Megaways games. The game gives players a taste of the luxury hospitality of the country and has a meditative quality to it. It features a range of bonus features and engaging gameplay, and offers a different way to enjoy the beauty of Thailand.

Loads of Fighting Games Set in Thailand

The best genre to find games set in Thailand is fighting. One of the most recent offerings was Tekken 7, which was the ninth overall installment in the series from Bandai Namco Studios. One of the stages takes place in a bustling market street in Thailand. It gives players a glimpse of what these busy areas in the Land of Smiles are like.

Thailand is famous for its extravagant temples, and tourists often flock to see these age-old sites. One way to experience them through fighting games is to play Street Fighter II. It featured Wat Phra Si Sanphet and Wat Ratchaburana in Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of the country. These temples also appeared in a couple of the Mortal Kombat games. They act as a stunning backdrop to the fights, providing rich detail and an excellent sense of escapism.

Perhaps Thailand’s diversity is one of the key reasons it is often used as a setting for games. It has relaxing and peaceful settings, but also bustling spots that are great for an adrenaline boost. The country’s national sport is Muay Thai, which is probably why fighting games have often used it as a background.

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