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An Oculus Quest Update Helps You Not To Punch Your Children



Here is some exceptional news for you. Oculus Quest (a virtual reality headset) now helps you not punch real-world, children and pets. Resident Evil 4 is widely popular on Oculus Quest and many users are so engaged in the game, they may strike a real person in front of them. If you live with your parents, then you should be more alert. 

What Can Go Wrong?:

The excellent news can also be terrible news, but you be the judge of that. Facebook (or as you may prefer to call it, Meta) has a new Space Sense feature , heading to Oculus and Oculus 2 devices. 

The original Oculus Blog reads, “The Space Spence feature enables you to see when objects or people intrude on your Guardian bounds.” So if a chair has been dragged out of its usual position, a person is lallygagging around, or an animal interferes, such hazards should be highlighted in your headset.

EXCITING New Features Arrive In Quest 2 Update V34!

Surrounding the highlighted information should be a pinkish glow. Does that help the problem of getting into escalated arguments with others, all because you wanted to wear a virtual headset? Maybe the enemies you plan to give a Joe Frazier knockout punch, wounded up being the wrong person. Whether the pinkish glow will arrive if you walk too close to a wall, is yet to be known. You will surely find out though.

I mean, with Oculus, are gamers going to be using virtual weights next? We can already exercise by shadowboxing. Space Sense works with objects up to 9 feet away, so you should have multiple warnings if your children interfere with your serious gameplay. At least v34, which activates Space Sense releases today. The ability to see Android phone notifications in-game, voice commands will be included in the update, and a a Passthrough API. Passthrough API Allows users to combine virtual reality with a their physical surroundings for augmented reality-like experiences. 

How do you think the Oculus knows about your whereabouts? Does Oculus sort of remind you of Alexa a bit? In order to keep people safe, is not the original way you play video games more credible? Everyone has a right to have different preferences. The Oculus Quest is definitely getting people realistic scenarios relating to video games, but if you perform the Electric Slide in virtual reality and have to worry about bumping into a real-world living organism or object, is it worth it?

What I feel can really assist people? Make Oculus help the colorblind see real-world colors and actually interact with real-world people. Make the legally blind see with Oculus. Well, anyone can have tons of video games ideas, but the features Oculus can add to their devices appears limitless.

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