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American McGee’s Alice Celebrates 20 Years of Madness



When we take a closer look into the rabbit hole and begin to decipher the madness of Wonderland, we start to see the darkness of what is supposed to be a children’s tale. American McGee, on the other hand, had no issues with portraying Alice in Wonderland in the darkest of lights on a video game platform. With a twisted edge to the adored franchise, American McGee took something wacky and made into an object of insanity. And, scarily enough — it’s been twenty years since it dropped on PC.

American McGee’s Alice takes the wondrous story we all know and love and corrupts it in all the right ways. With a kitchen knife, a deranged Cheshire cat, and a blood-soaked expedition, the once happy dream soon becomes our darkest nightmare. And, even after two decades — we still love it. In fact, you might struggle to locate a copy of the first Alice game these days, seeing as it became rare after reaching cult-classic status. But, should you wish to descend down that hole — then we strongly suggest you follow it all the way.

Alice reached cult-classic status years after its 2000 release on PC.

Following on from the dark story of Wonderland, American McGee ventured back and published the second chapter, Alice: Madness Returns for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Again, with a series of sinister events taking place between the fractured mind of Alice and a steampunk-themed London, players are brought to their knees over a gripping narrative that packs far more than a single punch. With a carousel of unique weapons and a roster of memorable characters, Madness Returns quickly establishes itself as a journey worth taking.

Fast-forward to present day and we’re looking at a potential revival to the series. With a third game being addressed by the developer, American McGee is eager to draw up Wonderland all over again. Only, this time, we’ll be going much darker than ever before. And, if you haven’t experienced the journey yet — we strongly suggest you do. Despite Alice turning twenty years old today, we couldn’t push for a more unique series to tuck into.

So, from us at we wish American McGee a very merry unbirthday. And, we hope to see you returning to our screens very soon. Until then, we’ll boil the kettle and sink into another round.

Could we see Alice: Asylum fairly soon?

American McGee Alice and Alice: Madness Returns are available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One. You can follow the updates for the third segment, Alice: Asylum over on the developers Patreon here. Oh, and if you’re interested in pitching in on the project, you can make a donation to American McGee. There’s even a whole bunch of goodies to be dished out to followers of the game. So, what are you waiting for? Down into the rabbit hole you go!

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