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American McGee Job Posting Points Towards Alice: Asylum




American McGee’s newest division ‘Mysterious Studios’ is on the hunt for a team of talented designers to work on OZ: Adventures, as well as Alice: Asylum and other projects.

After several years under the hammer (as well as a boatload of crowdfunding), fans of the twisted take on Wonderland can finally look forward to the next chapter in the tale. Alice, which has been McGee’s pride and joy since 2000, will be pulling in a team to string together the final pieces of the third chapter to the cult classic trilogy.

“We’re building a new game development studio around projects like “OZ: Adventures” and the potential Alice: Asylum project. Our existing team of 20+ artists, designers, and developers are looking for experienced development partners – small studios, tech teams, Unreal experts, and 3D art/animation teams that can join a distributed network of developers working on AAA action-adventure games.”

"Alice: Asylum" Patreon Teaser Trailer

The fans have spoken!

After EA published the second chapter to the series back in 2011, American McGee resorted to crowdfunding to rekindle the spark for another game. Since 2017, McGee has been sharing concept art, previews, as well as other teasers for those pledged to the project. As of today, over 3,000 fans have joined the cause, with Alice: Asylum growing with each passing milestone. And now, the hopes of seeing it all tie together are becoming more and more likely.

As far as a release date goes, American McGee hopes for an October 31 slate for this year. Of course, this all depends on whether or not EA decide to back it, and if all threads weave together in time. But having said that, with the new studio being devoted to such works, the future for Alice and its trilogy of tainted tales is looking anything but gloomy. But who knows? We’ll have to hang fire and see what the established developer has in store later this year.

Are you ready for another slice of Alice? Let us know over on our socials here. You can follow the updates for the game and support American McGee here. Pledge enough, and you’ll even get your hands on an official Alice plush toy. Worth it.

Mysterious Studios - Call To Developers

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