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American McGee Has Revealed Alice: Asylum Narrative Package




American McGee, a name known for developing two of the most abstract iterations of the beloved Alice in Wonderland series has pitched in to the third game, Alice: Asylum. Bundled with a few script passages and a basic narrative outline, the hefty 150+ page document has shed light on the sequel, with the option for fans to chip in towards the project with feedback on the work in progress.

“The narrative contained within is still very much a Work In Progress,” says McGee in the official Patreon post. “The polishing phase for those things will come next as part of the Crowd Design process. And keep in mind that this content is not an exhaustive collection of everything we imagine will be in the game – but the minimum amount required to convey the main story.”

"Alice: Asylum" Patreon Teaser Trailer

Still, the ball lies in EA’s court…

Although the future of the Alice IP ultimately rests on EA’s shoulders, depending on whether or not they choose to back it, McGee has still reassured fans that work is ongoing, despite the game being more of a possibility than a guaranteed release. And as far as Patreon supporters go, McGee and team have, in fact, been serving up various Alice goodies for the best part of three years. So, clearly, the demand is there — and has been for well over a decade now.

Going by the release dates of the previous two games (one being in 2000 and the other in 2011), it seems like the right time frame for the third sequel to sink into the development grind. But we’ll just have to hang fire and see what both EA and McGee’s newfound Mysterious Studios end up brewing over the coming months. Here’s hoping Alice: Asylum will grace our screens before too long, anyway.

The script for Alice: Asylum was completed on August 20th. You can read the full narrative outline package over on the official Patreon handle here. You can also pledge to support the game over several tiers, with some offering exclusive artwork and plush toys. 

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