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Amazon Cancels Lord of the Rings MMO Game Over Dispute

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Bad news, Lord of the Rings fans. Do you know that MMO game that was announced a couple of years ago by Amazon? Well, it turns out that it's been scrapped. Thanks to a dispute between Amazon Game Studios and the newly purchased Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd. (who were also developing the project), the overly ambitious game has been pulled from development entirely. Of course, this isn't the first time that Amazon Game Studios has made the rash decision to cease development on a game — hence the rather underwhelming portfolio over its seven-year run.

While games such as Breakaway and Crucible weren't exactly tragic losses for the gaming division, pulling Lord of the Rings definitely seems to be a major setback for the megacorp. And yet, the cards have been revealed, and once again — the studio has struggled to find any sort of ground and make a breakthrough in the gaming community. And that's unfortunate, considering how well-established the Lord of the Rings IP is. But with that in mind, it does make us question Amazon's devotion to the gaming platform altogether.

Just when we thought Amazon were actually on to something beautiful.

It was definitely on the right track…

Sadly, not a great deal of information was revealed about the role-playing game. That said, it did pose as a rather neat looking addition to the Tolkien domain. With some visually pleasing backdrops and a whole ocean of potential looming in the cracks of the gameplay, it's clear that the game was on the right track at least. But with this disheartening news coming to light, it's frustrating to say that it'll become just another failed attempt at getting a foot through the gaming door.

Of course, anything with Middle Earth and MMO tossed into the mix is usually a recipe for success. Unfortunately for us, Amazon lacks the utensils to actually bake the friggin' thing. But hey — the fourth game's the charm, right? Let's just cross our fingers that Amazon Game Studios lands a punch relatively soon.

Amazon Game Studios was founded in 2014. As a collective, they have released games such as The Grand Tour and — well, that's about it, to be honest.


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