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Alliance & Horde Can Team Up in World of Warcraft 9.2.5 Update




Ever since the dawn of civilization, the drums of war have pounded to both the alliance and the horde as they have fought tirelessly for land, power, and peace. Whether you chose to side with the Alliance and fight for the human race, or settle for the Horde and hoist the colors for the Orcs — you had a job to do, and code of honour meant absolutely everything in Blizzard's kingdom.

Well, fast-forward to present day, and that's all about to change. World of Warcraft, amazingly enough, is implementing a brand new feature that will allow both Alliance and Horde characters to band together for raids, dungeons, as well as all the usual PvP malarkey.

“Times change…”

Until now, both factions could only encounter one another in hostile situations. Say, an attack on a rival capital city, for example. Each sides would battle to the death, and eventually one side would waltz away with a few more kills than the other. That's how it has been for well over a decade. Only now, with the launch of the 9.2.5 update, Blizzard will ease up on the reins ever so slightly, giving more control over who interacts with who in the world of Azeroth.

Of course, it is still worth pointing out that, outside of dungeons and raids, both sides will still see the other as “unfriendly”, meaning anything goes. But dump both into a dungeon or raid, and it's essentially happy families for a short while. The only catch is, sadly, you have to have them on your friends list.

Providing you have a bunch of friends who favor the opposite side of the field, you're basically all set to go and explore new worlds together, without the bloodshed. That's a win-win situation, for sure.

You can view all the major changes for the 9.2.5 update on the official handle here

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