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All World Events in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023)



World Events in Sea of Thieves are absolutely massive undertakings. This is great, as they often incorporate tons of players to strive for one common goal. This is wonderful, and the game's vibrant world and freedom-centric gameplay only aid this feeling of greatness. There are eight of these World Events in total, each bringing its own personal flair to the roster. That said, some are certainly better than others. So to highlight this, enjoy All World Events in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023).

8. Ghost Fleet

We begin today's list of the World Events in Sea of Thieves, with the Ghost Fleet World Event. This is a world event that sees players contending with a fleet of ghosts, which really adds to the dreadful atmosphere surrounding this Encounter. This is wonderful, as the player will be able to experience a number of characters throughout the Encounter that feel unique to it. There are also multiple waves to take part in this entry. Additionally, the rewards for defeating the Ghost Fleet are pretty substantial, making it a great World Event to partake in.

7. Skeleton Fleet

For our next entry, we have the Skeleton Fleet. The Skeleton Fleet, in many ways, mirrors the Ghost Fleet but with a different enemy type and a few other core differences. The loot for this entry is also fantastic, with players having the chance to snag a Skeleton's Captain's chest. This is great for players trying to stock up on these items to sell. Added to this, is the great sense of atmosphere that is created during this battle. So, if you are someone who enjoys fighting waves of enemies, this entry is right up your alley for sure. For these reasons, it sits at the seventh spot on our list.

6. Ashen Lords

Now, for our next entry on our list of the best World Events in Sea of Thieves ranked, we have the Ashen Lords event. This event is signaled in a very bombastic way. For players looking out on the horizon, they may find a swirling red tornado. This is the signal that the Ashen Lords will soon arrive. Upon dealing with these enemies, players will have plenty to plunder. As rewards for all of their efforts, players can receive an Ashen Skull as well as a treasured item from The Devil's Roar area.

5. The Megalodon

Who doesn't love a Megalodon, in our next entry, we have just that. The Megalodon World Event is fantastic for many reasons. Perhaps it is the daunting feeling of watching the massive creature encircle your ship, or perhaps it's the fantastic loot you can get from this event. Either way, you slice it, it is a fantastic time for all involved. This entry is also rather special as there are up to five different types of Megalodon that can spawn, which vary in rarity. Depending on your luck, you can obtain anywhere from a thousand to eight thousand gold for your efforts.

4. The Kraken

Following up on our last entry, with one that is pretty similar. As far as World Events go in Sea of Thieves, The Kraken is one that has a massive amount of hype surrounding it. Duking it out with this mythological beast is one of the most memorable events that players can experience rather early on. Unlike the Megalodon, The Kraken fight rewards players for defeating parts of the creature, with the largest rewards saved for the end of the fight. One of the best things about the fight is that completing it with help players fill out their Commendations for fighting the creature.

3. Skeleton Fort

Switching things up a bit for our next entry, here we have the Skeleton Fort World Event. The Skeleton Fort event, perhaps more than lower entries on this list, seems like a massive undertaking. There can only be one active instance of this World Event at once, which adds to its prestige. As far as the enemies you encounter on this journey go, they are also interesting, with players facing off against Skeleton Lords. Upon doing so, players will have to obtain a Stronghold Key and many treasures which have been locked away for the player to discover. All around it's an incredibly solid World Event.

2. Skeleton Ship

Following up our last entry with one that is somewhat in the same vein, we have the Skeleton Ship. The Skeleton Ship is a World Event that players will be rewarded for defeating this massive ship with many treasures. These treasures include things like skulls, gold, and many other goodies for players to find. The atmospheric nature of this battle is also great, as it really buys into the naval ship battle theme. For these reasons, the Skeleton Ship World Event is one of the best World Events in Sea of Thieves.

1. Forts of Fortune

For our final entry on our list of the World Events in Sea of Thieves ranked we have Forts of Fortune. Now, there are few World Events that encapsulate what a World Event should be as perfectly as this one. The raiding of the Forts of Fortune is not for the novice player, however. As it does take a considerable and concentrated effort to complete. The amount of enemies that will attempt to vanquish you and your crew is staggering. This is due to the fact that players will have to do their best in order to survive fifteen waves of enemies in order to reach the treasure at the end of this trial.

However, as a test of skill, this is far from over. Players will have more waves to complete. This, in turn, will see them fighting an Ashen Lord and obtaining a Vault Key. Obtaining the Fort of Fortune Vault Key can give players access to some of the most highly coveted loot in the game. These include things such as the treasure found in Athena's Fortune as well as many gold bags and treasure chests stocked to the brim with gold. So if you are looking for one of the best World Events in Sea of Thieves, look no further than Forts of Fortune.

So, what's your take on our picks for All World Events in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023)? What are your favorite World Events? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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