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All Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023)



Sea of Thieves has a fantastic form of long-form quests called Tall Tales. Each of these quests is a massive undertaking and will require significant time and effort to complete. In turn, this is what makes them feel so rewarding when players complete them. The heavy emphasis on story elements also makes them narratively interesting to watch unfold, which is great. Additionally, each event is voted on by the players, giving them great agency over what they choose to do. Here are All Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023).

18. Maiden Voyage

Every ship needs its first voyage, and this list needs its first entry, and while the Maiden Voyage Tall Tale isn't bad by any stretch, it serves as a great introduction to Tall Tales for the player. In doing so, however, it is in no way the most complex, or intriguing Tall Tale, so its starts off our list of Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves at the bottom here.

17. The Legendary Storyteller

Next, we have The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale. And while this one does have a bit more depth in it than the Maiden Voyage Tall Talle, it too is overshadowed by later Tall Tales introduced into Sea of Thieves. For these reasons, it takes up a lower spot on our list of the best Tall Tales in the game.

16. Stars of a Thief

Following that up. Next, we have Stars of a Thief. Stars of a Thief is certainly a serviceable Tall Tale, but like other entries earlier in this list, it is simply overshadowed by those that came after it. Discovering the items within the shipwreck in Thieves' Haven is certainly interesting but nothing mindblowing enough to give it a higher spot on this list.

15. Dark Brethren

For our next entry, we have the first of many Tall Tales that pull their inspiration directly from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. And, while the Dark Brethren Tall Tale is great, and full of intrigue and things to find, it just doesn't happen to stand out like many other Tall Tales, even among those released as a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration.

14. Wild Rose

Next up, we have the Wild Rose Tall Tale. This Tall Tale is one that takes players through the romantic story of two pirates. This allows us to learn more about the characters that are present in the game. This is great, but the overall quest design is a bit lacking compared to more involved entries, for those reasons, it takes up the fourteenth spot on our list.

13. The Shroudbreaker

The Shroudbreaker, while being a great Tall Tale in and of itself, simply does not accomplish enough throughout its runtime to make it one of the best Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves. While it is certainly serviceable, and there are objectively worse entries, there are also objectively better ones, landing this Tall Tale at the thirteenth spot on our list.

12. The Sunken Pearl

One of the Tall Tales that is a part of the collaboration between Sea of Thieves and Pirates of the Caribbean, the quests involved in this Tall Tale are wonderful. While there are great, other Tall Tales within the group released alongside this one are simply better. Therefore, The Sunken Pearl takes up the twelfth spot on our list.

11. A Pirates Life

Placing just outside of our top ten picks for the best Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves is the A Pirates Life Tall Tale. Serving as the entry point and first quest of the questline, A Pirates Life does a great job of opening up the quest line, but nothing so memorable that it deserves a higher spot on our list of the best Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves.

10. The Cursed Rogue

Now comes the time for our top ten to be revealed. The Cursed Rogue quest is one that strikes a great balance between playability and fun factor. This can be seen in the fact that the Tall Tale can be completed with a dedicated group rather quickly. The second leg of the fantastic Shores of Gold questline, this Tall Tale is great, but lies just short of remarkable.

9. Heart of Fire

With our next entry, players will find themselves in the dreaded Devil's Roar section of the map. Upon getting there they will have to undertake a journey that will see them traversing a number of locations. It should be noted, that players will have to complete The Seabound Soul Tall Tale in order to access this one, but in doing so, they will experience a fantastic Tall Tale.

8. The Seabound Soul

Speaking of The Seabound Soul, our next entry in our list of the best Tall Tales is exactly that. The Seabound Soul has an ominous nature to it and is a great Tall Tale from start to finish. For players just starting out with this Tall Tale, you should note that you have to listen to the advice of Pendragon in order to progress. And while it doesn't do anything revolutionary, this Tall Tale is simply solid.

7. Revenge of the Morningstar

For players who are fans of exploration in Sea of Thieves. Our next Tall Tale allows players to see quite a bit of the world. Players will be taken across The Shores of Plenty as well as The Wilds, where they will find immense treasure and a wonderful story awaiting them.

6. The Art of the Trickster

Our next entry is the sixth entry in the Shores of Gold questline, and what a fantastic entry it is. The Art of the Trickster is a quest that takes players to Plunder Valley, where they will have to learn more about the land in order to progress. While it isn't spectacular, this is an incredibly solid Tall Tale, lying just shy of our top five.

5. The Journey to Melee Island

Now, comes the time for our latest entry on this list. The journey to Melee Island is a part of the fantastic collaboration between The Legend of Monkey Island and Sea of Thieves. In this quest, players will be responsible for exploring Melee Island and discovering all that this world has to offer. The environments are fully explorable and fantastically lived-in making it one of the best Tall Tales in the game.

4. Captains of the Damned

Following up on our last entry, here we have another entry that takes place as part of the collaboration with The Pirates of the Caribbean. Captains of the Damned is a Tall Tale only available after players have completed the Dark Brethren Tall Tale. This Tale is full of ghostly apparitions and other elements that really make it stand out.

3. The Fate of the Morningstar

One of the best Tall Tales in the Shore of Gold questline, The Fate of the Morningstar sees players recovering lost souls from an unsuccessful voyage. In doing so, they meet many different characters that manage to enrich the game's lore and world. For these reasons, it is one of our picks for the best Tall Tales.

2. Lords of the Sea

As the name might imply, the Lords of the Sea Tall Tale is incredibly epic. Players will be able to have encounters with Jack Sparrow and fight against the Dark Brethren. This will cause the player to have to defend their ship from their ghastly grasp.

1. Shores of Gold

Wrapping up our list of the best Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, we have the Shores of Gold. There are few Tall Tales that manage to capture the absolute wanderlust that this entry manages to capture. The rewards for this quest line are also absolutely phenomenal, making it the best Tall Tale in the game.


So, what's your take on our picks for All Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, Ranked (2023)? What are your favorite Tall Tales? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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