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Alien: Isolation Available on Epic Games Store for Free

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As Christmas closes in with only a few more gifts left to buy and wrap, we're still wondering when we'll get the chance to pick something up for ourselves. Well, thanks to Epic Games, we're able to make that thought a reality. With a generous fifteen days of freebies, the triple-A star has started to reel out the games one day at a time. Of course, it all started with Cities: Skylines on the 17th, and is now beginning to up the anty with even bigger releases.

As of today, you can pick up Alien: Isolation for free on the Epic Games Store. With no strings attached (other than needing a free account), you can add the game to your library and hit download. However, you'll have to snag the horror classic by 11 a.m ET.

As leaks have suggested, we could very well see the arrival of Metro 2033 in tomorrows line-up. But we'll have to sit tight and wait for Epic Games to announce that one. Until then, it's worth picking up a copy of the nailbiting survival horror title while you still can. Even if you're not exactly into wallowing tension and petrifying creatures stalking your every move — we can't fault a free game.

Epic Games Store will continue serving up free games until the 31st December.

Alien: Isolation - Launch Trailer

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