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A Series of Unfortunate Events: 5 Books That Would Make Perfect Video Games



Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events has been a prominent pawn in children's literature, as well as in cinema, for the best part of twenty years now, with thirteen books contributing towards the woeful tale of the Baudelaire orphans. With nooks and crannies littered with dismay and an iconic ensemble to boot, the beloved franchise has made quite the impact on both readers and streamers all over the world. Oh, and let's not forget about that lofty Netflix partnership, which is more or less the tip of the iceberg to the franchise.

But let's talk video games. The fact is, other than the movie-based title that came out in 2004, nothing has quite come to light since. And considering both the movie and game released before the anthology even came to an end, it seems somewhat fractured — rushed even. Thirteen books, of course, means there's plenty of viable avenues for any talented developer to venture down. And, if given the choice of which books would be suited for the gaming platform best, then we'd probably scoot these into the limelight. Take note, Snicket.


5. The Wide Window (Book the Third)

If you watched A Series of Unfortunate Events back in 2004, then you'll definitely know The Wide Window. Although only the third book in the series, it was, unfortunately, the last in the saga to be included in the movie. That, as well as The Reptile Room, and a few snippets from The Bad Beginning. However, despite the movie failing to insert the whole story, having The Wide Window was a definite consolation prize — seeing as it was arguably one of the best books in the series.

Violet, Klaus and Sunny find themselves on the next leg of their traumatic journey, bound for Lake Lachrymose where an unusual grammarian known as Aunt Josephine hesitantly agrees to take them in. However, with a danger lurking around ever corner, both in the cliffside home and in the nearby isolated town, the orphans soon find themselves back to square one, where the dreaded Count Olaf once again manages to tiptoe into their paths in search of the hefty fortune, taking on a new disguise as Captain Sham.


4. The Austere Academy (Book the Fifth)

If we had to rank a book based on popularity alone, then The Austere Academy would probably make it to the pinnacle of the podium. That's because, in a nutshell, it possesses all the best-selling qualities that many other chapters simply fail to locate. Setting-wise, Prufrock Preparatory School is still one of the most memorable to date, with its violin-obsessed headteacher and twisted regime being two of the most talked about things in the whole collection.

After tearing away from The Miserable Mill and securing places in a strict boarding school, Violet, Klaus and Sunny quickly submerge into monotonous classes and bottomless guidelines, where the teachers pry for perfection and opt for harsh punishments for minor human errors. One step out of line, and the consequences lead towards miserable events, mainly with the new gym teacher, Coach Genghis. The problem is, he looks an awful lot like Count Olaf.


3. The Ersatz Elevator (Book the Sixth)

What is “in” and what is “out”? Pinstripe suits are in, as are orphans. Shells are in, but elevators are definitely out. Sliding down banisters, however, well — that's just a secret best kept between residents of the towering 667 Dark Avenue. And if I've lost you at this point, then I can only describe this as being the main talking point of The Ersatz Elevator, the sixth book in the Baudelaire orphans' twisted tale.

Strolling into 667 Dark Avenue and ascending a spiral apartment block to meet their new guardians, Violet, Klaus and Sunny find themselves thrown into a shifting trend, where one minor item has the power to alter the outlook of thousands. Luckily for them, orphans are in, meaning they're place on Dark Avenue is secured. But with an outside force looking to shift the carousel and tamper with the trends, the trio are left to count down the remaining days before becoming yesterday's news. Is Count Olaf behind it? Do you even need to ask?


2. The Vile Village (Book the Seventh)

An isolated village, a crow infestation, and a bunch of old-timers far too quick to burn innocent people at the stake for petty reasons. It can only be The Vile Village, the seventh chapter in the Baudelaire orphans' omnibus of tragedy and misfortune. It's also the turning point for the head-strong trio, with the Quagmire triplets once again joining the tale as hearty accomplices.

After departing a bus in the outskirts of V.F.D., Violet, Klaus and Sunny aim to settle in at once, with the whole town agreeing to act as guardians for the three. However, after learning of the strict guidelines that keep the town captive, the trio are forced to keep their heads down and devise a plan to find their old friends, the Quagmire triplets. With a clue falling from Nevermore Tree at dawn, an ominous entity approaching from the distance, and a sudden change in law, V.F.D. soon takes a turn for the worse. Olaf makes a return in an unlikely disguise, and is soon hot on the pressured heels of the unfortunate three.


1. The Penultimate Peril (Book the Twelfth)

The twelfth and second from final chapter in the Baudelaire tale is still one that rings hot in our heads. Even now, nearly fifteen years down the line since its release, Hotel Denouement keeps us long-term fans clasped to its inner mysteries surrounding V.F.D. and all its twisted plans.

Taking on the roles of concierges at Hotel Denouement, Violet, Klaus and Sunny work together to unravel the thickening plot of the elusive V.F.D. However, with Olaf biting at their ankles and turning the tides against them, the three soon find themselves against the clock and buried in misfortune.


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