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7 Best Play to Earn Games in 2022

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For many decades, hard, back-breaking work was the only way to make an income. Many did jobs they did not like or love just for the money. However, the future of the gaming industry is looking bright, with many new and innovative technologies on the horizon. One of these is play-to-earn gaming, which is quickly gaining popularity. In this type of gaming, players are rewarded with in-game items, NFTs, or currency for completing tasks or playing games and earn a lucrative income. This article will discuss seven of the best play-to-earn games to look out for in the blockchain gaming space in 2022.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia which was initially launched in Binance Launchpool is an action-adventure game featuring levels generated procedurally. In order to unravel the secrets of the MoD world while seeking rare relics and artifacts, players mine and combine various in-game objects, increasing their skills and gear. While anyone can play using Chrome or Safari, several of the most exciting in-game features will be unavailable without a Chromia Vault wallet. Volcanic, Arctic and, Toxic mines are the three types of mines. Staying alive in these mines necessitates the use of oxygen; if your oxygen runs out, you die!

As you delve deeper, make a mental note of where the teleport stations are so you may escape safely with all your stuff while still breathing. Using DAR, the native token for the MoD universe, you can enhance your character's equipment and unlock new equipment and skills between runs. You can also use a range of accessible tools to speed up your mining operation, such as a pickaxe, bombs, drill, and so on. The project managed to raise $2.7 million in its latest funding round that will help the team grow and develop the MoD Universe.

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My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based game where players collaborate to construct, create, and play. It's a multiplayer builder game where players create their virtual territories, connect with their neighbors, and earn prizes via farming, fishing, bug catching, and beekeeping. Players in the game can use plants, flowers, trees, buildings, animals, and other in-game things, like NFTs, to design and decorate players' territories. In-game marketplace allows players to buy and trade various game products, NFTs, and avatars. Because they own ALICE token, the ALICE DAO's native governance token, players are at the core of all decision-making powers in the game. 

To monetize participation and gaming, game makers made sure to integrate in-game DeFi features. Staking ALICE tokens to generate yield, as well as renting out NFT, which allows players to rent out their NFTs and earn interest, are just a few of the features. My Neighbor Alice has received funding and support from several well-known blockchain companies. Ankr, Bounce Finance, Binance, Chromia, and Mines of Dalarnia are a few.

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MOBOX (MOMOverse) is a cutting-edge platform that combines saving, earning, and entertainment into one. This gaming ecosystem combines the concept of gaming NFTs with yield farming in decentralized finance, (DeFi). The MOMOverse comprises four components which are; MWallet, MOBOX BITS, GameFI, and MOBOX Manager. MWallet offers a simple onboarding procedure to make it easier for new users to get involved in the decentralized future. Users can mine MOBOX NFTs, commonly known as MOMOs, which they can use in the MOBOX metaverse.

MOBOX BITS is a platform where consumers may get trustworthy market information from community experts. On a single platform, clients and predictors may easily interact. Finally, MOBOX Manager is the most powerful and user-friendly portfolio management application available. MOBOX is now in the Sandbox and also on the MATIC Network and BSC. MBOX is the MOMOverse's native token. Players can join the MBOX/BNB liquidity pool and stake their LP tokens in MOBOX Crates to achieve the best yield.

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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most outstanding play-to-earn titles in the crypto space. The game, which features pets called Axies, allows users to make some cash for their gaming skills. Axie Infinity players can purchase a minimum of three Axies, which they breed, sell or use in player-versus-player (PVP) battles. Every win in a PvP earns a player some of the in-game currency called Smooth Love Portion (SLP)

This digital pet universe also features leaderboard competitions once every two months. During these competitions, players battle for the top spots on the leaderboard, and the winners get another Axie Infinity currency, Axie Infinity Shards AXS. The AXS is a governance token that gives players the ability to participate in decision-making within the Axie Infinity Community. AXS holders also earn rewards for staking the token. Since its release in 2018, Axie Infinity has attracted major partners in crypto gaming. Some of these partners include Decentraland, TomoChain, Coingecko, Loom Network, and MakerDAO. 

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Illuvium is a broken open world of beauty and wonder. Players hunt dangerous monsters, capture them, and use them to fight in arenas or trade them on the Illuvials exchange. The Ethereum network, which Illuvium is based on, enables all of this. Illuvium is merged with the hyper-scalable Immutable-X L2 solution due to Ethereum's scalability and high gas pricing problems. This enables Illuvium players to benefit from no gas expenses for minting or exchanging assets, as well as sub-second transaction times, all while maintaining user custody. In addition, Illuvium incorporates DeFi components into the game. 

When staked token holders offer liquidity, DeFi staking mechanisms allow fees collected within the game to be paid out in ILV tokens to staked token holders. ILV holders are also eligible to vote in the Illuvium DAO. Large venture capital firms like Delphi Capital, Quantstamp, and invested $5 million in Illuvium.

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a digital world where players may create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. The gaming platform consists of three products that work together to deliver a complete user-generated content (UGC) production experience. The Voxel Editor, MarketPlace, and Game Maker are the three items. The Sandbox is a platform that allows users to create their own games, tools, and a marketplace to sell the tools and skins for game characters in general.

The Sandbox has teamed up with several notable blockchain initiatives to bring play-to-earn to the blockchain. This project has partnered with various large companies which include Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and League of Kingdoms. SAND is The Sandbox's native token.

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Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based NFT Metaverse with seven planets where players can use blockchain assets to explore and compete against other players. Players can mine cryptocurrency, which may be traded for real money, as well as complete missions to earn rewards including additional in-game currency called Trillium (TLM)

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Blockchain gaming has become an important topic in the space, and it continues to grow as developers continue to find ways to make gaming much more than just having fun. There are many more Blockchain play-to-earn games, and more innovative ones are coming up, which you can explore.

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