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5 Worst Switch Games, According to Metacritic



There's no denying the fact that the Nintendo Switch has some pretty great games. Although there is an abundance of ports and remakes that stock its portfolio, the handheld device does employ quite the variety of award-winning exclusives. And, of course, an underwhelming collection of shoddy indies and broken remasters. You know, the same as you'd get on most, if not all gaming platforms.

It's no surprise that the Switch has its share of flops, though, just the same as it's no secret that the Xbox Series X and PS5 have theirs. But what are the worst performing Switch titles to date? What games have fallen below an abysmal score of just 40 over on Metacritic? Well, here's what we know.

5. Balan Wonderworld — 36

BALAN WONDERWORLD - Title Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Balan Wonderworld looks as if it has all the raw qualities to construct an award-winning platforming game, what with its quirky art style and larger than life personalities that flesh out its roster. A second look, however, will reveal its true colors, and quite frankly blow any hopes of it being a genuinely good game right out of the water.

Truth be told, Balan Wonderworld lacks the originality needed to keep up with today's standards. As well as having an underwhelming selection of levels, it also fails to ignite a connection between the player and its instantly forgettable characters. And although the game isn't mechanically broken, per se, it does come loaded with its fair share of game-breaking bugs and constant frame drops. Add these to the list of boring mini-games and shoddy controls, and you've got yourself one poor excuse for a 3D platformer.


4. Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy — 34

"FANTASY HERO ~unsigned legacy~" Nintendo Switch Trailer

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy would've been great if it had released around the same time as most PlayStation 2 JRPGs. And yet, the fact it launched in 2018 just goes to show how out of touch its developers were when investing in its core structure and lore. And not only that, but it seemed as though its writers couldn't fathom how to build a compelling narrative around an otherwise boring game.

Of course, its visuals are somewhat reminiscent of the early PS1 games that lined our markets way back when, which means there's certainly a pinch of nostalgia here and there. But, overall it's a bad game, bogged down by dull and repetitive combat, cliché progression arcs, and a ridiculous amount of uninteresting characters and tropes.


3. Ark: Survival Evolved — 29

ARK: Survival Evolved - Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Technically, Ark: Survival Evolved isn't a bad game. Or at least, it isn't a bad game on PlayStation and Xbox, anyway. Its Switch port, on the other hand, has a little more baggage, and it's this baggage that unfortunately weighs it down into an oblivion strewn with mediocre visuals and jagged mechanics. And what's more, it serves as a stain on an otherwise fantastic concept — one that most definitely shines brightest on consoles and PCs.

The idea of having an open world survival game based around dinosaurs is a recipe for success, that much is true. However, considering the amount of functions such a game needs to keep the cogs turning does indeed make the Switch port look a little big for its boots. With that, a Metacritic score of 29 seems more than fair. Because at the end of the day, some games just shouldn't be transitioned into Switch ports.


2. Tiny Racer — 29

Tiny Racer [Switch] Launch Trailer

Tiny Racer showed a lot of promise on release, but was ultimately bogged down by its ludicrously aggressive AI and its incredibly hard to master rubbery mechanics. Should it have released as a single-player title with more stunt-based gameplay, however, then it might've gone on to receive a better response from its players. But alas, it was far more of a trainwreck than a gentle ride among friends, and its overall presentation was lacking any form of charm whatsoever.

Of course, racing games have a history of being frustratingly difficult, especially when placed alongside a community of sadistic players who idolize the thought of breaking their opponents both virtually and mentally. But, to be fair, Tiny Racer sinks to a new level, and it's almost as if its developer couldn't care less about its questionable physics or course designs. And so, a Metacritic score of just 29 seems reasonable to most, if not all Switch owners who have ever laid eyes on it.


1. Vroom in the Night Sky — 17

Trailer - Nintendo Switch - Vroom in the night sky

Vroom in the Night Sky, coming at you with an embarrassing Metacritic score of just 17, cements its place at the top of the list for being the worst Switch game to ever disgrace the system. And to be fair, it's a status well-deserved, seeing as it's basically a low-level cash grab riddled with mindless repetition and lacklustre visuals.

So, what is it that makes this wannabe racer flick the shambles that it is? Well, to put it simply — it's not only void of any character, but incredibly mundane and unintentionally hollow. It is, in essence, a fraction of a game with a whopping price tag to accompany it. There's nothing to like here, as much as it attempts to sway your interest for the short while you're aimlessly slumping from one level to the next. It's barren, and it's definitely a game Nintendo prefer to keep locked away in the dark.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Care to share your worst Switch game of all time? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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