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5 Video Games That Deserve A Sequel



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I have my list of video game that deserves a sequel and you may have your list. There are key factors that come into play, when it is about an awesome game deserving of a sequel. Some of us look at the story mode, playable characters, features, etc. Of course, the top 5 list is a matter of opinion, but since you have your own opinion, drop your top 5 list of video games on “Twitter” in the comment section. Let’s make this easier. If thinking of your own top 5 list of video games that need to return sounds like excessive work, then just think of one.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up Contents Under Pressure • Trailer 2 • PS2

5. Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure: 

Starting at number 5 on the list takes place in the city of New Radius with 2006’s, “Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.” Freedom of expression is suppressed by a tyrannical, Orwellian city government. For those who read George Orwell’s books have a decent understanding of the type of society this game is in. It is sort of like today’s society, but what makes this game in need of a remake? It is self-explanatory when you play as Trane (who uses graffiti and tagging to protest against the dystopic city). Take matters into your own hands with your fighting skills (physically battling city authorities and rival graffiti gangs), and expose the mayor’s secret. 

It was back in February 14, 2013, when “Ecko’s unlimited’s Twitter” announced that there is a sequel in development. Do you hear crickets? The developers still never released the sequel, but maybe they will send off a teaser any minute now. They just have to be developing the video game, but you never know. Just be proud that you can play the 2006 version of “Mark Ecko’s.”

4. The Simpson’s: Hit & Run (2003):

One could say that the animated sitcom, “The Simpson’s” predicts a lot of events that will occur in the future, but game collectors still have a soft spot for the action/adventure, “The Simpson’s: Hit & Run (2003),” which came after “The Simpson’s: Road Rage.” As Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Apu, visit many of the show’s locations and characters in a digital Springfield. Maybe in the possible remake, Maggie Simpson can explore Springfield as well. Cause problems on the road and get chased by Chief Wiggum (or Eddie and Lou).

Diddy Kong Racing Promotional Trailer 1998

3. Diddy Kong Racing: 

When I played 1997’s “Diddy Kong Racing” on N64 (Nintendo 64), I do not know about you, but I felt incomplete defeating the competitors. I never felt good about defeating other adorable creatures, especially if a buddy wanted to race against me. It is the possible feeling of making the competitor feel inferior than you, which is what made me not want to play racing games involving creatures.

There was a 2007 version called “Diddy Kong Racing DS” for “Nintendo DS,” but if I did not point that out, you probably would have forgotten. Maybe you are just now realizing that “Diddy Kong Racing DS” actually was around, but when we think about video game sequels, we usually think about game platforms that are not portable. We still want to see another “Diddy Kong Racing” game.

Drive in a kart, hovercraft, or airplane with a featured full story mode. the game is often compared to “Mario Kart,” but is does not get as much attention as “Mario Kart.” If “Diddy Kong Racing” has a sequel, there just may be more methods for speeding across the tracks. 

2. Bully: 

There was talk about “Rockstar Games” 2006’s “Bully” having a sequel in the past, but it was just an overexcited fan pretending like a sequel was in the making. Just look at the gameplay of “Bully,” in the fictional town of Bullworth. As Jimmy Hopkins at a boarding school, fight back against those picking on you, engage in romantic relationships, attend and/or ditch class, and much more.

Jade Empire: Special Edition Full Game Trailer

1. Jade Empire: 

The action-RPG (role-playing game) in “Jade Empire” allows you to be a noble hero or a treacherous villain, in an underrated storyline. Some things that influenced “Jade Empire” are kung fu, Asian cinema, mythology, and ancient culture.

Isaiah Joshua is an author and poet and has a love for video games. In May 2016, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. As an avid gamer, some of his favorite games are "WWF No Mercy, Hitman, Manhunt, Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Conscious in gaming culture, he is always researching gaming history, as well as the latest games to write about.