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5 Video Game Endings That Will Make You Quit Gaming

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Endings can be many things, none of which should be confusing or beyond the realm of possibility. And while it is a curious feeling, not knowing how or why a certain event has occured, it can leave you feeling somewhat unsatisfied in the long run. The bottom line there, of course, is that nobody really likes resorting to Reddit to help construct the final pieces of the puzzle. It spoils the immersion, and can steer you clear of other games that follow a similar structure.

Granted, we've shoveled through a number of great games in our time, and only rarely have we found ourselves lost for words, hounding dozens of forums for answers. Games that spring to mind, in this instance, are as follows. And believe us when we say, their endings are pretty darn confusing, and they will make you want to quit gaming once the curtain falls. At least for a short while, anyway.


5. Martha is Dead

Martha Is Dead | Launch Trailer

We'll start off by saying this: Martha is Dead is a disturbing game, like, to the point of being unnecessarily nauseating. But its story, unlike the gore-heavy theatrics, is much harsher on the mind, as it connects a ludicrous amount of dots to a make-believe portrait, only to then tell you that said portrait is engulfed in flames and in more questions than answers. And by end of play, you're basically left with the million dollar question, which is, you know—why?

Martha is Dead casts its eye on two Italian twins during World War II, Gulia, and Martha. After Martha is brutally murdered and left for dead, Gulia steals her identity and embarks on a quest to unmask her sister's killer. Much easier said than done, of course, considering she has low-key amnesia and can't tell what's real and what's not. And so, with that, you can expect a number of perplexing statements, none of which help soften the blow come curtain call.


4. Bioshock: Infinite

BioShock Infinite Premiere Trailer

Bioshock really shouldn't have been difficult to understand. Its first two chapters were rather elementary, and really only consisted of wading through an underwater city in search of an escape. And then Infinite came along, and, in turn, spun the series upside down and launched it into the abyss. Though, it was only really when the ending rolled around that things started to get unbearable.

After patrolling the cloudy haven of Columbia in search of captive Elizabeth, protagonist Booker DeWitt is made to slump through a series of trials in search of an escape. Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of lighthouses, a number of alternate realities, dimensions, time periods—you name it. The story gets lost somewhere around the middle, and it doesn't really return at any point even past the credits. Enough to break you? I mean, it certainly tries.


3. Kingdom Hearts 3

KINGDOM HEARTS III – Final Battle Trailer (Closed Captions)

Kingdom Hearts is famous for being confusing simply because, well, even Square Enix don't know what the story is about. After threading together copious amounts of spin-offs, movies, and rhythm-based…things, its own maker has basically branded it as a lost cause. The reason for this, of course, is that one too many hands have chipped in to develop its story—none of whom have helped keep it intact. The end result, sadly, is a rather broken timeline of events, most of which don't make any sense to the overall plotline.

Admittedly, Kingdom Hearts starts out as an easy to follow experience. There's a nexus of Disney worlds, a common threat known as the Heartless, and a magic kigdom key that has the power to lock doors and banish said threat. That's how it started, and it was fine. A little ways down the road, however, and Square threw one too many logs on the fire. And now, well—it's just a blazing inferno, filled with franchising opportunities and ice cream.


2. Silent Hill 2

We all love a game will multiple endings, which is precisely why we adored Silent Hill 2. One thing we weren't overly keen on, however, was the ending that featured a dog, one that just so happened to be the main antagonist behind the whole nightmarish ordeal. Was it a total shock to the system? I mean, yeah. Did it sway us from wanting to redo it all again? Meh, kind of.

After receiving a letter from his not-so dead wife, playable hero James Sunderland returns to the ash-trodden Silent Hill in search of her whereabouts. Upon arrival, he encounters nightmarish puppets that go far beyond the realm of possibility, all of which are controlled by—guess who—a dog. That's right, a dog. With that, we prefer to pretend that any of the alternate endings was really the only ending, and the whole dog thing was nothing more than a bad dream. A really, really bad dream.


1. Bordlerlands

Borderlands: Game of the Year Official Trailer

When it comes to Borderlands, the whole world revolves around The Vault. It's in the game's very DNA, and it drives the bulk of the narrative from the get-go. From the moment you're given your hero, to the second you secure a key to one of the infamous vault doors—everything is built to prepare you for the treasures that lay in wait on the other side. It's in your blood, and nothing else matters.

A good twenty hours or so later, and we found out that it all was all for nothing. That vault with unfathomable treasures? Nothing more than a placeholder to give the story a focal point. In reality, the whole exploit was a waste of time, meaning Gearbox managed to get away with robbing us of a good weekend before telling us our efforts were null and void. But would we do it all again tomorrow, knowing full well it's a ridiculous endeavour with zero payoffs? Annoyingly, yes.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five endings? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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