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5 Video Game DLC We Want in 2022

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There has been no shortage of fantastic game releases in the last few years, especially when looking at triple-A titles. If you are like most players though, you have likely already made your way through your favorite games. You are likely waiting for additional content to be released. In this day and age, it's almost certain that DLC will pop up sooner or later. Some games need additional content just a bit more than others in the eyes of fans. Below are the games that fans want DLC for the most, and a bit about how a possible content addition could shape them even further.


5. Horizon Forbidden West

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Horizon Forbidden West is a large-scale game that takes you back on an adventure as Aloy. This time you head to the West to explore new areas. You must also try to restore Gaia before the world is overtaken by a blight. Along the way, you make new friends, fight new machines, and sink deeper into the strange world that has formed around the remnants of high-tech society. This creates an interesting narrative between Aloy, who knows and understands the past civilizations' technological advancements, and the rest of human civilization, who have their own preconceived notions about the world around them.

Horizon Forbidden West left a heavy impression on the players who beat it, and while things are wrapped up rather nicely, there are a lot of places the story could go. Like with Frozen Wilds, the expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. The beliefs of the people in the world of Horizon are extremely skewed. This is due to their misguided knowledge about the path, which can open the world up for a large number of DLC stories and quests that, while shorter than the main game, still give players a new and interesting take on the game.


4. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most well-known indie titles to ever release and is an incredible example of what a passionate developer can accomplish on their own. The game is one of the most in-depth and expansive farming sims to ever be released. It even features the ability to play with your friends. The last major update introduced Ginger Island and a tropical paradise where players could have a second house and a tropical farm where they could grow crops year-round.

Since this update, there hasn't been much movement outside of small improvements to how the game runs. ConcernedApe has stated that he would like to continue working with Stardew Valley. Fans are hopeful that DLC will be on its way soon, even if they have to pay for it. The game has never been updated to introduce new marriage candidates. There is a whole city that exists just a bus ride away from Pelican Town. In addition, several different types of animals that could be added in, like camels, which already have a sprite in the game. No matter what the next major DLC is, though, it will likely add several more hours of content to the game.


3. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is a hot topic in the gaming world as the game is still going through several fixes. With the next-gen version on the horizon, though, things are looking like it will finally pick up for the flawed but enthralling sci-fi RPG. There is no question the CD Projekt Red's team poured a lot of heart into the quests and main story of the game. This has led many gamers to patiently wait for the game to be completed. Those who have played it on next-gen consoles and PC have praised the content of the game, making potential players even more hopeful about the content.

Cyberpunk has a ton of ground that can be covered. It's a sci-fi RPG world with gritty crimes occurring all the time. It even has connections to Witcher 3. As it was revealed, Ciri ventured into the world when she was running from the Wild Hunt. This could easily be used as an easter egg in the upcoming DLC. CD Projekt could also give us expansions similar to what we saw with Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone that takes us to new locations.


2. Elden Ring


Elden Ring is a game that even Souls haters seem to love. It's not surprising given the game's gorgeous direction, engaging content, and huge open world. In fact, even months after the game came out, players were still discovering secrets. One example is a wall that broke after hitting it around 50 times, something that is mind-blowing to most gamers. The world of Elden World is large, so there have got to be several untapped stories that the devs have played around with.

A DLC could take players to a new area that was previously inaccessible. A new ending could also be added to give players another reason to replay the game. Other options could even include a new class. If the developers wanted to be especially cruel, the addition of survival mechanics. This would make a replay an even more grueling process that only truly skilled gamers could make their way through.


1. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

To say Pokémon Legends: Arceus surprised most gamers would be an understatement. The game smashed any and all expectations players had from the series. It introduced an open-world teaming with Pokémon to catch. Between the open world, side quests, and the Pokédex, players could spend over a hundred hours trying to 100% the game. Needless to say, that there are a lot of things that could still be done with it.

DLC could allow players to travel to a new area, much like with Sword and Shield. This would allow for the Pokédex to be expanded, more lore, like that of Darkrai, to be introduced to the game. It could even help set up for a sequel that is set in Johto. The same as you play through in Gold and Silver, which is another history-rich region. There could even be a portion that shows how the idea of gyms and breeding Pokémon first came to be.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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