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5 Original Video Games That Deserve a Remaster

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It's rare that we actually stumble across something original in the gaming world. And when I say original, I'm talking about innovative ideas that transform the face of a genre, with a one-of-a-kind àapproach to almost every element. Unfortunately for us, they don't come daily, nor are they things that devs tend to build in confidence, just in case the ambition falls flat. But they do, however, pop up once in a blue moon, thanks to those who dare to be the stowaway and try something different with all credits on the line. And if and when the game lands, it lands flawlessly.

Of course, there are bunches and bunches of video games that we'd like to see revived and brought up to date, with heaps worthy of a sequel or an entire reboot treatment. But to add even more to the plate, we do have to put these five unique pieces of work forward, if only as appetizers. Worthy of a remaster or not, we can't deny these games of a second moment in the spotlight.

5. Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Welcome To New Radius [HD]

An absolute gem that came out of the blue back in 2006 was Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, a mash-up entry that fused beat 'em up with street art. Sort of like Concrete Genie in this day and age, only with spray paint instead of a magical brush, bloodthirsty thugs instead of tween rebels, and rugged violence instead of petty slaps to the wrist. So, not like Concrete Genie at all, now that I think about it.

The concept for Contents Under Pressure is simple: make a name for yourself as the next up and coming graffiti artist. By working your way through the dingy suburban world, you have to paint your way to the podium, all while exposing the corruption that threads between the city's politics. To put a lid on the antics that burn the city, however, you'll have to throw down with rival artists and go toe-to-toe with the forces that only wish to eradicate you. So, a lot more than painting a few bricks, believe it or not.

4. Tokyo Jungle


As you first establish roots in the dystopian Tokyo metropolis, you're sure enough going to start comparing it to the likes of Goat Simulator. Except it's not like Goat Simulator. It's slightly weirder — if that's even remotely possible. Of course, both games do follow similar structures in the sense that you control an animal and cause havoc to your heart's content. But, rather than having you ruthlessly headbutt a cult leader in the groin, Tokyo Jungle instead has you raising a Pomeranian in a dog-eat-dog world. Go figure.

Tokyo Jungle, although fusing plenty of elements from other popular genres, does tend to stand on its own two feet, weirdly enough. It's something that, despite being a complete mash-up of other titles, still lingers on the brain even after putting it down. Even now, in 2021, as we tipple over the ten-year anniversary, it still holds an odd presence, and, it's something we can't help but wrack our brains over. We honestly don't know why — but we want a remaster. Like, now.

3. The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo PlayStation 2 Trailer - Official

The Matrix, being what it was as a movie, was destined to carry over as an even stranger video game. Filled with just as many twists, turns, nooks and crannies, Path of Neo truly was the video game adaptation fans needed in order to feel slightly more bamboozled. The good news that came out of that, of course, was that gameplay-wise, it was a genuinely entertaining experience, with all three movies loosely clustered together for one heart-pounding voyage.

So, why are we asking for a remaster of this collection in 2021? Well, The Matrix 4, of course. Seeing as we're teetering on the edge of the fourth movie release (December 16), it seems only fitting that we draw back to the video game ports. Although not a genre of its own, Path of Neo truly was a unique thread of adventures, and, some that we would happily delve back into on next-gen hardware if given the chance.

2. State of Emergency

State of Emergency - E3 2001 Beta Trailer [High Quality]

Rockstar has forever been the go-to developer for all things controversial, with most of their efforts poured into the likes of Grand Theft Auto and other notable works. Buried beneath Los Santos and the network of corrupt worlds, however, is a thread of lesser-known, though equally as risky titles. And State of Emergency, whether you've already made yourself aware of it or not, is one of the perfect examples of this.

Granted, State of Emergency isn't the most story-heavy video game in the world. But it is, however, jam-packed full of entertaining little nuggets of rioting fun. And that's pretty much the whole idea of the game, strangely enough. Riot until your heart's content, all while liaising with other criminals in the enormous shopping complex. Steal, slaughter and secure your place as one of the many crooks that bulk out the retail chain. Do whatever you please, so long as it's with a stolen TV hooked under your arm. That's Rockstar for you!

1. Fable 2

Fable 2 Launch Trailer

It's been just shy of thirteen years since Fable 2 graced our screens, and fantasy fanatics still haven't quite grasped the fact that a remaster hasn't come to light since. A sequel, of course, though never a full-fledged remake with all the visual and combat enhancements one would hope to see from the Albion chapter. And, seeing as the new Fable is under the hammer at the moment, it only makes sense for us to nudge Microsoft over a fresh reboot or two. But then, seeing as we did receive an anniversary edition to the original already, we're definitely more inclined to ask for the second instalment in its place.

Tracing all of the award-winning mechanics from the first journey, Fable 2 put us back at the helm for another lengthy tale, where every choice led us along a labyrinth of stepping stones and winding pathways. As the Hero of Albion, bound to three tiers of raw power, we were able to navigate the world and mould it to our own design, either through goodwill or absolute decadence. Although not as innovative as other choice-based video games, it still gave rival entries a run for their money through its gleaming design and memorable roster. And honestly, that's something we'd love to see on next-gen hardware.


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