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5 of The Best Red Dead Online Character Creations of 2021



Rockstar Games does not need a proper introduction, releasing games like (Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—Definitive Edition). Only if GTA: The Trilogy Remaster was bug-free, did not give you a disconnected experience, and managed to have stellar ratings. Hopefully, some day, GTA: The Trilogy Remaster receive proper fixes. 

Only if Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Red Dead Online received inexplicably consistent updates, keeping you guessing what will arrive next. Rockstar Games has approximately 2,000 developers employees and look at the embarrassing results. If Rockstar releases new games, that are bug-free, eventually, people may forget all about their complaints.


To celebrate Christmas and other holidays, Rockstar Games added new holiday Call to Arms modes. Red Dead Online players are unsatisfied with the latest update, allowing them to play in the snow. GTA fans wanted to have a snow feature in the series for a while. Who would’ve thought about simply adding a snow feature to the GTA series, but with snow in Red Dead Online, you can battle lawmen, outlaw gangs, and ferocious animals. 

Each character in Red Dead Online’s recreated Scooby Doo gang looks like you stepped into a Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Everyone look like a realistic version of their animated version, but what happened to the anthropomorphic Scooby Doo? That looks like a terracotta Scooby Doo. Maybe some Scooby Snacks will do the trick.

Another thing to note is that Shaggy’s arms are too muscular. We all know how scrawny Scooby’s best friend is, but in this picture, he appears more like the retired WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) star, Spike Ray Dudley. Was Shaggy taking a bite of some Scooby Snacks?


Red Dead Online’s excellent character creations can be Captain Jack Sparrow, Michael Jackson, and Reverend Young, but what about the best Red Dead Online character’s of 2021? Red Dead Redemption 2 has a well-versed character customization process (with characters like Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star) and the developers capitalized on the success, with Red Dead Online. 

5. Wonder Woman: 

A Redditor called Legionx37, created a Wonder Woman character in a western world of gunslingers. That means she brought a lasso to a gunfight, but it should still be unfair, because she is Wonder Woman.


4. Princess Leia (Star Wars):

It just looks like an exact duplicate of Princess Leia from Star Wars and the light bouncing off the snowy terrains, enhances her look. Now, that we see Princess Leia, we do not need to see Yoda recreated in Red Dead Online as an 1898 version.


3. King From Tekken: 

A Reddit user named SamsonWhitemoon, recreated the wrestler known for his Tiger Mask, King. King was only featured in the first two Tekken video games, but he is still a legend.


2. Aloy (Horizon Forbidden Dawn): 

Horizon Forbidden Dawn: Forbidden West (the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn), is an upcoming action RPG (role-playing game), but Aloy, the protagonist of the series had to to recreated. A Reddit user, called Bigtornado, posted their Red Dead Online character creation of the photogenic Aloy. All the customized Aloy need is better lighting around her and vibrant colors. 

1. Agent 47:

In the customization options on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, playfully experiment with Arthur Morgan’s hair, clothing, and weapons. With in-game skills and paying close attention to details, you can customize the character you desire. Want to look more professional than a grubby cowboy? Take a look at Agent 47 for inspiration, because almost anyone can look professional in a suit and tie.

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