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5 of The Best Missions In The Warriors (2005)



To press the rewind button, The Warriors (1979) is based on Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel The Warriors. The Warriors (2005) published by Rockstar Games, is an underrated game, based on the 1979 cult film of the same title. In 2009, The Warriors: Street Brawl, was released. Later that year, it was when Dabel Brothers Publishing launched The Warriors comic book series. Then, they released a 4-issue series called Jailbreak on what happen after the ending of the movie. Now, The Warriors comic is published by Dynamite. 

When a New York gang is framed for murdering Cyrus (a crime boss), The Warriors are left to fight off rival gangs. Their destination is from the northern Bronx to Coney Island (their home turf). While The Warriors (2005) action-adventure, survival game is brilliantly like the film, it remains one of Rockstar’s most forgotten games. There are chase sequences in 3D environments and large-scale brawling to get your adrenaline rushing.

The Warriors PlayStation 2 Trailer - Gameplay Trailer

Minor gameplay elements like the ability to assault people or mark your turf with spray paint, are mixed in. The playable characters are (The Warriors Leader) Cleon, (lieutenant) Swan, (the scout) Fox, (Harlem native) Cochise, (The Warriors graffiti artist) Rembrandt, (Cleon and Swan’s friend) Vermin and Cowboy, and (heavy muscles) Ajax and Snow. Play The Warriors (2005) on the following platforms: PSP (PlayStation Portable), PS2 (PlayStation 2), PS4 (PlayStation 4), and Xbox. Let’s dive right in at the 5 best missions in The Warriors (2005) game.

5. Friendly Faces: 

An all-female gang called the Lizzies try to seduce Rembrandt, Cochise, and Vermin, (in the seventeenth mission) at the Union Square. It was just a decoy, but imagine if it was not? Always keep your guards up, no matter what, but then again, you may be called paranoid. 

4. Blackout: 

Darien, (the soldier of the Baseball Furies) wears black and purple war paint. After Cyrus’s death, Darien is out for vengeance against the accused Warriors. Darien appears in (the fourth mission) Blackout, where Riverside erupted in a riot. You have to escape before you get busted by the authoritative cops. While you and your gang access the train, there is a blackout.  

The Warriors riot with gangs like the Rogues, Moonrunners, Panzers, and Savage Huns, then make their way back to Coney Island. This is where the Baseball Furies arrive, chasing them to the train. Snow, Ash, and Vermin actually access the train back to Coney. Darien even appears in (the  sixteenth mission) Home Run, where after the Warriors attempt to escape the cops, they once again run encounter The Baseball Furies. Gratefully, when Swan and Ajax arrive, they eliminate a large group of Furies.


The Warriors - Flashback C: Heavy Muscle - Bonus Objectives

3. Heavy Muscle: 

It is the the third flashback scene and the final part of Ajax and Snow’s initiation for The Warriors. Survive a brutal pen fight and prove that you can fend for yourself. After the Destroyers steal your vests, you must retrieve them in East Coney Island. 

2. Writer’s Block:

The sixth mission of the game is when Rembrandt notices an advertisement for the Soho Writer’s Showdown, hosted by Scopes. After Rembrandt signs The Warriors up for the contest, the Warlord, Cleo, is unimpressed that Rembrandt acted without his consent.

Still, Cleo allows them to participate in the contest, then a Warparty arrives into the Hi-Hats’ turf, where the contest is being held. Defeat the Panzers, Moonrunners, and Eliminators and win the contest. After Scopes announce the Warriors as victorious, he is forcefully thrown off a scaffold.


The Warriors - Mission 18: Come Out To Play

1. Come Out To Play: 

The eighteenth mission is when The Warriors arrive back to Coney Island to finally face Luther and the Rogues. Once the Rogues chase The Warriors in their hearse, The Warriors outrun the rival, regrouping beneath the boardwalk near Coney’s beach. Swan asks Luther (the leader of the Rogues) why he killed Cyrus and Luther responds, that there was no reason. In a one on one fight, Swan beats Luther, and afterwards, like the film, a large group of Gramercy Riffs appear, with knowledge that Luther killed Cyrus, crowd Luther, and he screams. 

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