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5 New Games on Steam: Early March



In this week’s edition of 5 New Games on Steam, we’ve tackled everything from post-apocalyptic RPGs to peaceful town-building adventures. These indie flicks will get you occupied for a good part of the month.

Beautiful Desolation

This interesting isometric adventure game comes from the Brotherhood. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic age and has a storyline reminiscent of Fallout. You will play as a Mark, a character who is looking for his brother Don. While exploring the wasteland, expect to solve challenging puzzles, make alliances and lifelong enemies, while constantly fighting for survival. Beautiful Desolation is filled with bizarre creatures living in a world that is decidedly unique.

Out of Space

Here we have a different kind of space game. While regular titles are focused on exploring galaxies far away, and making diplomacies, Out of Space will just give you a broom and let you clean your dusty vessel. It may sound anticlimactic, but the game bursts with humor and dozens of interesting chores that are a lot of fun to do with your friends. Expect to fight off alien infestations and upgrade various appliances to build a perfectly sustainable space crib.

Out of Space gameplay

Bro, wanna do chores with me … in space? (gocdkeys)


Dwarrows is an interesting mix of town-building and adventure. You can choose between 3 characters, all of which have unique skills that make the gameplay unique. Prepare to travel through Dusken Woodlands in search of long lost artifacts and hidden places. This is a fairly peaceful title that’s suitable even for younger players.

Dwarrows artwork

From 1 to Canadian, how peaceful is this? (CanadianGameDevs)


If you are looking for a tower defense game on steroids- play Taur. Here, you are in control of a single, although a ridiculously powerful tower. The trick is in strategically placing various defenses that will help you survive waves of enemies. As it’s custom, you’ll also be upgrading your cannon and secondary weapon through a big skill tree that will transform them into a grand weapons of death! As you can see below, the waves get pretty crazy after some time, so you better be on your A-game.

5 New Games on Steam: Taur

Taur seems to go completely overboard at times. We like it.(Steam)

Curse of the Dead Gods

Curse of the Dead Gods is a skilled based roguelike that draws some inspiration from Diablo. In it, you play as a character that is “gifted” with powerful curses. They will greatly affect the gameplay as you traverse through endless labyrinths filled with tough monsters and deadly traps. The devs also promised us challenging and impressive boss battles. Combine this with slick comic-book style graphics and you’ve got an overtly badass-looking title. You can take a look at gameplay here.

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