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5 Mobile Game Developers You Should Know About in 2022

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Believe it or not, Mobile games are one of the fastest-growing divisions of the gaming industry. Generating billions of dollars in sales annually, and that number is only increasing. While it is no secret a big portion of that is credited to in-game purchases, it still is an impressive feat. That's why now more than ever, we are seeing big-name companies optimizing their games for mobile. Games such as PUBG, GTA, and a handful of EA sports games.

These companies aim to take over the scene with their popular titles but have already had their fair share of the spotlight. That's why with this list we are focusing on up and coming mobile developers that are purely dedicated to the platform. These are the companies that are pushing the boundaries for mobile and will continue to do so in the future. If you haven't heard of them already, you are about to, as we bring you the five mobile developers you should know about in 2022.


5. Niantic

Niantic, who you may already know, as they are credited with one of the most popular mobile games of all time, Pokémon Go. At the time of its release, Pokémon Go was one of the most revolutionary ideas that ever came to mobile. It really felt like you were a Pokémon trainer and on top of that, it was nice to see a game that got people out of the house rather than logging hours inside. However, for Niantic, this idea is just at its beginning stages.

The company already expanded this idea to their most recent title Pikmin Bloom which saw a lot of positive feedback. There's no doubt they will continue to push this concept in as many genres as they can, to even building their own metaverse. That's right, Niantic has already announced their newest and biggest project, Niantic Lightship.

The app's aim is to bring virtual content and experiences into the real world via mobile. Quite literally by connecting digital games to the physical world. It is a project with endless possibilities and one to keep an eye on in the future.



4. Garena

Garena is credited with bringing some of the biggest AAA titles to fruition on mobile. The chances you've already played their developed games on mobile are high. They hold some of the biggest mobile titles with Call of Duty: Mobile, Arena of Valor, Free Fire, and Speed Drifters. Their delivery shows a great emphasis on detail and is a big reason for their success. As for the future, the company has big plans ahead.

Their newest project Garena Undawn is being made in cooperation with Tencent, another groundbreaking mobile developer, who actually fall in the second spot on this list. Undawn is an open-world survival shooter game, and it's currently shaping up to be one of the biggest open-world experiences to come to mobile. There isn't an official release date just yet, but I like to think the reason is that they are applying their great manner of detail to Undawn.



3. Scopely

Scopely is an interactive entertainment and mobile games company that make spin-offs of beloved game franchises. Their current mobile titles consist of games like The Walking Dead: Road To Survival, Star Trek Fleet Command and Marvel Strike force. They are experts at making new games from popular franchise titles, and will certainly continue to do for 2022 and on.

The company is actually named as a finalist for two 2022 Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards, which aren't easily handed out. On top of this, it appears the company is not only receiving massive funding but lending funding to other mobile developers. This can only mean more exciting thing's to come from Scopely in the future. It is a mobile game developer you should know about by now, as they are quickly making a name for themselves.



2. Tencent

As I previously mentioned, Tencent is working alongside Garena in the making of Undawn. The combination of these to mobile powerhouses is sure to make the game an Android and IOS hit. The company is currently the highest-earning mobile game company thanks to their efforts on PUBG mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Thank's to the mass revenue of these successes Tencent is has a lot coming down the pipe.

Roco Kingdom Mobile is one of Tencent's upcoming and anticipated mobile releases. The game is essentially a combination of Pokémon and Genshin Impact so of course, it will bring the best aspects of these open worlds to Roco Kingdom.

Tencent is constantly making strides for mobile games and will continue to do so. Their annual conference showcases all of their new mobile releases, and if 2022 is anything like 2021, there will be some fantastic games.



1. Zynga

Out of all the mobile developers mentioned in this list, Zynga is one you should definitely know about. To be honest I would be a little surprised if you didn't already as they have a massive list of successful mobile games. Games like Farmville 3, Toon Blast, Words with friends 2, and, well honestly I could go on and on. I would need to make a top 10 list of Zynga games just to scratch the surface.

One of Zynga and mobiles' most anticipated releases is Star Wars: Hunters. The game is a 4×4 arena shooter with all the notable characters from Star Wars. Yes, that includes Jedi as well, how could it not? The game is really getting in-depth with the combat and there is already some amazing gameplay footage. This game is sure to make a splash on the mobile scene and might be one of their best yet.

The company has already come out with two impressive titles in 2022,  Merge Dragons and Golf Rival. Expect to see consistent delivery on the mobile scene from Zynga as they are currently dominating the platform.


So what mobile game are you currently playing? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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