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5 Hidden Video Game Bosses That Will Creep You Out



Venture off the beaten path in a video game and what do you usually find? Usually a collectible, or perhaps even a weapon upgrade of some sort. Or, in some very rare cases — a chainsaw-wielding clown, maybe? Of course, it’s not something we come to expect — but it happens. And bosses, believe it or not, often get tucked away in the strangest of places.

It’s always a welcome surprise, stumbling upon a hidden boss that just so happens to posses all the qualities to creep you out. It’s both unsettling and oddly compelling, and yet we almost feel inclined to face our fears, despite being weirded out by their placement and overall purpose. Just looking at these five will give you a general idea of what I’m talking about. They’re outlandish, yet oh so intriguing. And yes — they still creep us out even today.


5. The Reaper (Persona 5)

Persona 5: The Reaper Optional Boss Fight (1080p)

Wallow in the narrow hallways of Mementos past last call and you’ll likely find yourself going toe-to-toe with one of Persona’s most iconic foes, The Reaper. Unfortunately for you, the ambience is sort of soured thanks to the inclusion of candy pop anthems and Persona’s go-to combat sounds. But even still, hearing The Reaper stalk your footsteps and rattle the odd chain beforehand is enough to rattle a few nerves. Facing him, on the other hand — now that’s just unfathomable.

While players can in fact bring down the dreaded foe with dumb luck alone, most tend to steer well clear of it, choosing to advance to the next portion of the game rather than overstaying their welcome and actively searching for trouble. But that’s a death wish some just can’t help but tamper with, weirdly enough. Can’t say I’d go looking to knock the thing off its pedestal, to be honest.


4. Clown Psychopath (Dead Rising)

Dead Rising Remastered Adam MacIntyre Insane Clown Psychopath Boss Fight

Speaking of chainsaw-wielding clowns, it only seems right to put a face to that exact description. Although, with no name to put forward, we’ll just have to assume his name is chainsaw-wielding clown. Or Bentley. Basically anything to make him seem less sinister than he actually is. Though truth be told, judging by his mannerisms in Dead Rising — even friendly names won’t redeem this psychopath of his incredibly creepy ways.

Bentley (we’ll just run with that) can be found in Wonderland Plaza operating the Space Rider coaster, only without the intention of ever letting its passengers depart the wagon. So, your job, unfortunately, is to confront Bentley, have him slice himself up with his own chainsaw — and then swoop in to save the day. However, it’s getting to that fairytale ending that’s the tough part. Bentley is creepy beyond belief, and his spontaneous attacks don’t exactly help a great deal either. Oh, and I just realized that his name is actually Adam, and definitely not Bentley.


3. Dead Hand (Ocarina of Time)

Dead Hand (Ocarina of Time)

While not hidden in plain sight exactly, the horrifying Dead Hand creature does reside deep within the Bottom of the Well, where its lair is mostly built up from sacks of flesh and rubble. And considering this creature sprouts from an otherwise family-friendly open world game, we do have to question Nintendo and their honest thought process behind such a horrific monster. Because the fact is — it just didn’t bode well with the rest of the game.

Unfortunately for us, having to face and defeat the dreaded Dead Hand wasn’t optional. It was a crucial stepping stone in which we had to cross in order to gain a few key items. But that’s not to say we enjoyed the brawl in any way shape or form. We hated it — so much that it scarred us for years. Even today, as Link returns in all sorts of lovey-dovey tales — that nightmare-inducing creature and all its slender arms still holds a prominent place in the back of our minds.


2. Moon Presence (Bloodborne)

Bloodborne: Moon Presence Boss Fight (1080p)

After digesting numerous umbilical cords (yes — umbilical cords…) Bloodborne players are able to confront one of the most vile creatures in all of the franchise — even surpassing the likes of The Forgotten Madman, who is famously known for being one of the most physically terrifying foes ever drawn up.

Composed of flesh and bone, oily tenticles and a hole-punched head, it’s understandable why such an unorthodox creature upholds such a heavy reputation as one of the creepiest side bosses in video game history. Perhaps not the toughest boss battle in Bloodborne — but a worthy accessory for the book of unusual monsters nonetheless.


1. Emil (Nier: Automata)

Nier Automata - Emil True Final Boss Fight (Secret Boss & Ending Y)

Picture the grinning moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and replicate it several times — and you’ve got yourself the basic structure of Nier: Automata’s ridiculously overpowered Emil, which has been creeping out both high-level and newbie players for years now. And that’s strange, considering the bulk of the RPG is made up of majestic themes and kind-hearted comeradery.

In order to unlock and throw down with the hidden boss, one must first complete the game, acquire 9S’s hacking ability, and sludge through the “Lunar Tear” quest chain. After ticking all the boxes, players can step into the dust-riddled wasteland and confront the towering foe. The only problem is, Emil is one heck of a boss battle, and definitely not one to be reckoned with — especially when flying below the level cap. Worth a shot though, right?


So, what bosses have given you the creeps over the years? Let us know over on our socials here.


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