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5 Gaming Charities You Should Know About (2022)



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For many of us, one of the main reasons we game is to escape the stress or anxieties of daily life. We've all experienced the feeling of unwinding after a long day's work and contently sitting in your chair, finally able to play that game you've been looking forward to all day. That is what some of us look forward to every day because gaming has always been a safe space to just be yourself. However, that's not something everyone is able to experience. That's why if you want to spread that joy, you should know about these five gaming charities.

Much like video games themselves, these charities look to make a difference in people's lives through our shared pastime of gaming. All of them in their own way, yet with the same goal; to help make friends, experiences, and memories that will impact the lives of people who really could use it. This is why it's important to be aware of these five gaming charities if you feel particularly charitable today or any other day.


5. The AbleGamers Charity

One organization that is making strides in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities through gaming is The AbleGamers Charity. Through peer counseling, Able Gamers aims to get to know each person and find a way to get past any obstacles that their impairment may put in the way of their enjoyment and ability to play video games. Their main overarching goal is to combat social isolation by gaming. And we can't think of a better way to do that, than gaming itself.

By investing in engineering research, AbleGamers has developed specialized gaming setups, customized controllers, and assistive technology to help persons with impairments overcome their disabilities and enjoy gaming. That's why it's great as there not only raising money but taking action to make a difference. Numerous illustrious businesses, including Rockstar, PAX, and EA, are supporting their cause, and you can also help it by making a donation or looking into ways to become involved.

Support or get involved here: The AbleGamers Charity



4. Extra Life

Extra Life was founded in 2008 with the intention of raising money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through gaming marathons. Anyone can take action by registering to stream video games for 24 hours on any day of their choosing and soliciting the support of their friends, family, and spectators. They even have accessible media and live streaming toolkits for overlays, banners, and donation icons.

Once the stream is over, all proceeds go to support a local hospital of their choosing, connected to the Children's Miracle Network. This is by far one of the best ways to take action and get involved in gaming charities. More than 100,000 fans, creators, and everyday people have given more than $100 million USD since the company's founding to support children in hospitals through gaming.

Support or get involved here: Extra Life



3. BroadcastHer Initiative

One organization looking to combat the exclusion of girls and women in gaming is the 1,000 Dream Funds, BroadcastHer Initiative. This nonprofit organization focuses on helping women who want to work in the fields of content creation, gaming, Esports, and streaming. With a goal of eliminating the financial and gender gaps for women, the gaming industry is currently experiencing. Which we feel is an awesome goal for a charity to have!

The BroadcastHer Initiative has more than 10 different ways there are actively supporting women in gaming. Through a variety of grants, scholarships, projects, and mentorships all with the same goal – support women looking for a career in the gaming industry. One of their most popular programs even takes young women to Los Angeles' HyperX Arena to spend the day with a pro team.

Support or get involved here: BroadcastHer Initiative



2. St Jude Play Live

Gaming Charities

Similar to Extra Life, St Jude Play Live allows you to create content and play games to benefit children with cancer. Even better, it doesn't need to pertain exclusively to video games. Whether you're a tabletop gamer, singer, or artist, you may provide content to aid in the fight against cancer for young people who need it. Which makes it easy for anyone to support.

Whatever approach you choose to generate content, whether it be alone or in a group, ST Jude Play Live will support it. They also offer toolkits to help you recognize their charity, and you're efforts in supporting it. Even better, if you meet your donation targets, you can win amazing prizes. St Jude's Live Play has helped youngsters at St Jude's hospitals by raising more than $45 million. Because of this, ST Jude Play Live is among the best options if you want to take immediate action.

Support or get involved here: St Jude Play Live



1. Games Done Quick

Gaming Charities


If you watch Twitch, you've probably seen or heard of Games Done Quick. The channel's purpose is purely for raising money for gaming charities by streaming speed runs of classic games. Just as players rush to complete games as quickly as possible, viewers also try to race and beat the donation goal. It's highly entertaining and a great way to use gaming for the better good. Games Done Quick is also one of the few gaming charities whose channel is solely dedicated to donating all profits to charitable organizations.

They have a ton of streams year-round, including themed ones and special events. There are constantly new games being streamed from old classics like Chrono Trigger to Elden Ring. Even better, they do it as a couch stream, with live viewers coming to support. This really adds to the entertainment, especially when a world record is broken. But that's the whole point, it's all about gamers, supporting other gamers.

Games Done Quick has been running for nine years now and has made a pretty big impact as a charity. The main charities they support are the Cancer Foundation and Doctors Without Borders. In fact, they are the largest fundraising event globally for both charities. In total, Games Done Quick has raised over 34 million dollars across all its charitable partners.

Support or get involved here: Games Done Quick


So, what's your take? Which gaming charity are you going to support? Are there other games gaming charities that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.