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5 Games You Should Play Before Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake



It seems like a lifetime ago since Ubisoft released the parkour-heavy Prince of Persia out into the wild. 1989, actually, was when the series first popped its head up above the clouds, which is what led to the establishment of a steady line of best-selling action-adventure platformers. Though, for many, the series never really came into its own until Sands of Time came about in 2003, hence the reason for its well-deserved remake.

Of course, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows over at the Ubisoft studios, as the game has unfortunately undergone two lengthy delays. As of this moment, it's looking increasingly likely that the revitalized version will release during the second half of 2023. But if, like us, you're itching to fill a gap before its launch day, then you can always take respite from the painstakingly long wait with these five games and series.


5. Tomb Raider (Pre-Reboot)

While we can't sit around and slate the 2013 Square Enix reboot in any way, shape or form, we do have to put our hands up and say, all things considered, the earlier Tomb Raider games were a whole lot closer to the Prince of Persia titles. That doesn't only go for combat, but for the gameplay, in general, as well as its parkour mechanics and inspired settings.

Of course, you'll need to dust off some old equipment to be able to re-experience the whole series of action-packed exploits. But, to be fair, it's a trip well worth taking, as the Prince and the Raider both hit incredibly close to home and pluck serious amounts of nostalgia from the core. And so, if you're desperate for a shred of Sands of Time, but lack the tools to acquire it, then try and take comfort in the ocean of pre-reboot adventures of the tenacious Lara Croft.


4. Assassin's Creed

Before Assassin's Creed started fusing flashy mechanics into its parkour structure, the gameplay was known to be somewhat elementary; it may not have flowed as well as later instalments, but it was raw and ragged—and it complimented the setting remarkably well. Plus, its combat wasn't half bad, either. Though, it was a little more simplistically balanced than Prince of Persia.

Having already used its finesse to craft the Prince of Persia formula, Assassin's Creed would've been a walk in the park for Ubisoft. After all, both feature an equal amount of parkour, combat, and medieval lore—so it was perhaps second nature for the guys over at Ubi. Whatever the case, you can see the similarities between the two, and each shine equally as bright as the other, being two award-winning franchises with global followings and that.


3. Dante's Inferno

Perhaps it's just us, but Dante's Inferno strikes a few familiar boxes whenever we picture Prince of Persia. Granted, it's Warrior Within that connects the two more than Sands of Time—but there's definitely a similar vein there that the two share. After all, both feature a serious punch of hack-and-slash combat, parkour, and hellish landscapes.

Although the two games are miles apart from one another in regards to storylines and settings, the gameplay from each play into each other's hands surprisingly well, like two distant relatives drawn from the same pool. With that, you should channel your energy into traipsing the seven circles of Hell while you wait for Sands of Time to make its return. It's a journey worth taking, so long as you don't mind swimming through a few dozen bloodbaths.


2. God of War (Pre-Reboot)

The earliest chapters under the God of War banner are some of the cleanest and most inspired in all of the known industry. They were revolutionary, and the pioneers behind an untapped world of hack-and-slash gaming. Many would even argue that, with a little help from Prince of Persia, the series was destined for greatness from the get-go. And without Sands of Time there to act as a source of inspiration, however big or small, it never would have made it to the podium it idles on today.

They may be a little dated in 2022, of course, and even more so now that we have the likes of Ragnarok there to bear the torch for the franchise. But with that said, Sands of Time and the debut God of War series definitely share a few things in common, and for that reason we're more than happy to slot the two into the same nexus. Parkour, action, adventure, you name it—there's a number of qualities that bounce off of one another here, and it shows.


1. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

If you're wanting to hit two birds with one stone, knowing that The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is also set to hit the slate in 2023, then be sure to tuck into the appetizer that is Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. One can only describe it as being the brainchild of a creator with far too many hours of Assassin's Creed under their belts. That, as well as a deep interest in open-world games that employ the Arkham combat system.

Although Shadow of Mordor doesn't follow the classic literature all that much, it does make use of its iconic backdrops and characters. Gameplay-wise, it's a solid combination of action, stealth, and parkour, similar to Prince of Persia in more ways than one. It also features one of the greatest enemy systems in gaming, which makes it well worth the price of admission alone. So, you shouldn't let this one slip under your radar for a second—especially if you're running dry on fresh adventures.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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