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5 Games You Should Play Before Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll

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Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll

Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll is a visual novel set in Japan in the 1980s. The game combines love, drama, mystery and romance into the life of the main character, a troubled young man who's only looking to live a quiet life. This upcoming Soviet production will put players through a roller coaster of emotions involving trust, passion, betrayal and sacrifices. Aside from a chunk load of thrilling events, there is one more stunning aspect to appreciate from the game. This is its interface, an outstanding feature that highlights the game's design and epic beauty. All thanks to the 3D image mode, which provides Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll with unique and sharp visuals. The game has already received a fair amount of positive reviews, which shows how enthusiastic players are towards it. 

However, it may take a few more months before Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll officially comes out. Hence, we have a few similar options for you to consider to relieve the growing thirst for the game. Here are five games you should play before Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll.


5. SoulSet

SoulSet is a thrilling visual novel that thoroughly blends romance and mystery in its gameplay. Players take the role of Mariko, a girl who finds herself amid five strangers in an odd mansion where none can leave. These people appear to be as clueless as Mariko since they claim to have zero memories of their pasts. Because of this, the six housemates find it hard to establish trust among one another.

In SoulSet, players can engage in multiple storylines, and to unlock the whole narrative, they are required to participate in each one. For those who want to experience romance, mystery, suspense and comedy all in one game, SoulSet may just be the best bet so far.


4. Tricolour Lovestory

Tricolour Lovestory Gameplay Part 1

Tricolour Lovestory is a romantic story developed by HL-Galgame.  It consists of an exciting script guaranteed to bring some nostalgia concerning players' first loves. In this game, players dive into the story of Ashley Chiu. A young man caught between two girls with whom he struggles to relate. Most of the challenges he experiences are a result of his rough upbringing. His parents haven't been much supportive of various aspects of his life. Especially with his artistic talents, they even get rid of some of his artwork at some point.

When his parents move away for work, Ashley finally gets the freedom he needs to pursue his interests. However, his past remains a huge obstacle to him achieving his goals. Like Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll, Tricolour Lovestory offers a passionate story bound to exceed all players' expectations.


3. The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia Official Trailer

The Fruit of Grisaia is another romantic visual novel that, like Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll, features a single young man, Yuji, who is in search of his purpose in the universe. He joins an academy consisting of only five female students, who are there due to different issues of their own. This particular institution is no ordinary school. It looks more like a prison than a learning establishment because of the extremely high walls surrounding the premises. Is it to keep the students inside? Or perhaps to keep other parties from entry? The only way to find out is by taking part in this exciting tale.

The Fruit of Grisaia's gameplay involves the main character living through the storyline as they interact with various other characters. There are multiple plots within the game. They all have different endings which depend on how the user plays the game. Therefore, the players' decisions determine the direction in which the story steers. The game also allows players to re-do a plot several times just to experience different endings. The Fruit of Grisaia is one of the best options of games to play while waiting for Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll release.


2. Dramatical Murder

DRAMAtical Murder Official Trailer

As the name suggests, Dramatical Murder takes a much more intense, surprising route compared to the rest of the games on this list. The game is set in a cyberpunk world and mostly features sci-fi aspects. The main character, Aoba, lives on a tech-filled island that an oppressive corporation has taken over. Subsequently, what was once a beautiful home to hundreds of residents is turned into a massive walled resort that only the rich can access. Meanwhile, the rest of the population is secluded in one small district. Dramatical Murder has intense twists that also involve turf wars and gang battles. It is the players' task to shape Aoba's journey throughout the game with the choices they make. Eventually, the threat to the future of his hometown pushes him into the cycle of violence ravaging his world.

Aside from Aoba, there are other numerous main characters as well as supporting characters; including an android named Clear, who refers to Aoba as his' Master.' This game is more suitable for those who enjoy a bit of chaos in their fantasy game. 


1. The Witch's Love Diary

The Witch's Love Diary is a visual novel that tells a beautiful story about young love. The game takes players through the adventures of two main characters, Alice and Takumi. Players participate in the everyday life of Alice, as she attends regular photography lessons at Hekihou Academy. She's one busy character whose time players must greatly consider.  Aside from studying, Alice also works part-time at Dragon Burger, a food local joint. Despite her hectic roster, Alice still has to reserve some time to bond and interact with her dog, Qoo, and two of her friends, Keiko and Yakko.

Players uncover mysterious beliefs surrounding the town as they take on gut-wrenching adventures. This happens in one scene where Alice and two of her friends lose their way in the forest one evening; while on a mission to uncover the town’s secrets. The game features interesting characters as well as exciting events that often unravel when one would least expect them. Similarly, moods vary throughout the game, as it switches from exciting and funny to even sad. Another aspect players will most certainly appreciate about The Witch's Love Diary is the map system that conveniently arranges each storyline in its place.

Which one of the video games above do you think is the best game you should play before Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Evans I. Karanja is a freelance writer who loves to write about anything technology. He is always on the lookout for interesting topics, and enjoys writing about video games, cryptocurrency and blockchain and more. When not writing, he can be found playing video games or watching F1.

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