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 5 Games Like Deliver Us The Moon (2022)

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5 Games Like Deliver Us The Moon (2022)²

Space survival games provide us with thrilling, out-of-world adventures. It is through such games that we are able to live out our wildest space fantasies. A good example of this is Deliver Us The Moon, an award-winning  sci-fi thriller set on a futuristic Earth that is on the verge of collapse due to depletion of resources. Set in the near future, the game puts you in the role of an astronaut who must travel to the moon to save humanity from a mysterious energy crisis. 

The game is set up as a sort of open-world sandbox, giving you the freedom to explore and experiment as you see fit. You'll need to utilize your wits and resources wisely to succeed in your mission, as there are plenty of challenges awaiting you on the lunar surface. 

The story and setting are both intriguing, and there's definitely a sense of urgency and tension throughout the game. With its gorgeous visuals and interesting gameplay mechanics, Deliver Us the Moon, provides an exciting cosmic experience that is hard to get over. So if you played this game and want to experience the same excitement with other titles here are five games like Deliver Us the Moon.


5. Dual Universe

This is Dual Universe (Official Trailer)

Dual Universe is a space MMO that takes place in a shared universe where all players can co-exist in the same world at the same time. It is a sandbox game that features an in-game economy that gives players complete control of their assets. They can generate revenue by building factories that produce goods for trade or engaging in PvP combat. Dual Universe allows players to manipulate their environment to their liking as they can build structures and customize the terrain as well. 

Players also craft their own spaceships and design them with personal components that represent their identities. The main focus of the game is on building, combat, crafting and harvesting resources that players need to expand their territories. Dual Universe is one of the most exciting space games today that most space fans can appreciate. Aside from the multiplayer interactive system, the game's final release is expected to provide more roles involving players' mutual interactions.


4. Into the Stars

Into the Stars Kickstarter Trailer

Into the Stars is a space simulator game that takes players through various adventures across the cosmos in search of a new suitable home planet for mankind. As the Captain, players operate a ship boarded by crew members they have carefully selected through several destinations in space. The final destination is planet Titus; however, they have limited resources and must make stops on other planets to scavenge for resources vital for their journey. All this while evading the Skorn, alien enemies that are fresh on their trail. For the past 10 years, the Skorn have been initiating attacks that have left the human race on the verge of extinction. The Captain and his crew are the last hope of survival.

The gameplay for Into the Stars involves aerial combat, mining, crafting and exploring different planets for resources. Explorable areas are converted into zones, each with its own rewards and challenges. Players get to interact with different alien species, some willing to negotiate while others too hostile to interact with. Fortunately, the ship is armed with weapons that help defend against non-cooperative aliens. Players must make rational choices as they face various obstacles ahead since every choice affects the mission's outcome. Those who enjoyed playing Deliver Us The Moon will also appreciate Into the Stars.


3. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye Reveal Trailer

This is an award-winning action-adventure game from Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive. The game is about an astronaut who is the latest member of a space program on a planet called Timber Hearth. Here, players have 22 minutes to solve the mysteries of this cosmos before the sun from this solar system explodes, resetting the game again to its start. To figure out the paradox behind this time-loop, players must explore different planets in this solar system in search of clues left behind by an extinct civilization known as Nomai.

Players can retain information gathered in each time-loop by linking to an ancient Nomai statue. To complete the game, they must uncover the cause of the time-loop by interacting with fellow explorers and discovering the Nomai mysteries. Most parts of the game are readily accessible; however, some parts may require players to solve puzzles before they can proceed. Aside from being mind-boggling, the game is a thrilling substitute for Deliver Us The Moon.


2. Star Control: Origins

Star Control®: Origins™ - Launch Trailer

Star Control: Origins is a space exploration game set in 2088, where interstellar travel is motivated by mankind's first contact with alien life. After Earth's space station picks up an alien distress call, they form a space agency dubbed Star Control. Players take the role of the Captain of this agency to lead the first starship into space to investigate the origin of the signal. In this action-adventure game, players get to engage in ship battles as well as explore different parts of the universe in their missions to complete quests. Similarly, they can upgrade ships and boost their abilities for battles. 

The game features an online multiplayer mode that involves fleet battles. With this mode players can also fight against each other or with AI. There are plenty of activities to experience, such as exploring and interacting with variant alien species. Some resources are more rare than others; thus, players must hold on to them until it's extremely crucial to use. Star Control: Origins features an interesting storyline and in-depth subplots that further broaden it. The game is a must-play for those sci-fi lovers who prefer a deeper narrative behind the action.


1. Astroneer

Astroneer - Official Launch Trailer

System Era Softworks' Astroneer is a sandbox adventure game that, like Deliver Us The Moon, involves exploration, crafting and hunting for resources. Players assume the role of a lone astronaut known as Astroneer, who first lands on planet Sylva, where his adventures begin. The Astroneer must dig into the planet to activate several gateway chambers. With each layer they are met with variant difficulties, some hazardous; making progress more challenging. Once players reach the final layer, they proceed with the Core Activation to receive rewards in the form of resources they may use to repair their space pods.

The game progress highly depends on players' creativity as they can use any discovered items to craft useful equipment. Players can convert elements they discover, such as ammonium, into fuel for their spaceship. This will also allow them to hop from one world to the next. Each planet they visit is unique, with variant elements to discover; similarly, each of their surfaces have variant mysteries to uncover. Astroneer features exciting visuals, which is very appealing to most gamers.

Which one of the games from the list do you think is the best game like Deliver Us The Moon? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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