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5 Epic Video Games That Should Make a Comeback in 2022

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Video games: they’re not built to last in a market so densely populated and cutthroat. Unless, of course, they have anything to do with a plumber or a Triforce symbol, in which case they’re fondly remembered for centuries, no questions asked. But for most, the limelight is cruel and impatient; unforgiving when it comes to dishing out bright lights for any longer than a few short seconds. It sheds light on only a few, and for a fraction of time before swiftly beaming on another.

Of course, video games are always worthy of making a comeback. Not all — but a large portion of them, for sure. And in a world that’s swamped with remasters and definitive editions left, right and centre — proposing just a few of them for a new and improved spotlight isn’t really all that much to ask for these days. But let’s see where you stand. For us, and in our ideal world, we would love to see these five epic games make a comeback in 2022.

5. Peter Jackson’s King Kong

Peter Jackson's King Kong PlayStation 2 Trailer -

King Kong slip your radar? Shame, because it was actually quite good. And for a first-person shooter that launched in 2005 — it was weirdly ahead of its time, boasting quite a lot of advanced mechanics for what essentially should’ve been a run-of-the-mill video game adaptation. And now, looking back and remembering its unique charm and horrifying game over screens, picturing a remaster coming to light in 2022 doesn’t really seem like that much of a bad thing.

Following from the same vein as the blockbuster movie, the player takes on the role of Jack Driscoll, an up and coming scriptwriter, as well as Kong himself, the mighty beast that roams the regions of Skull Island. Set in 1933, Jack and a team of filmmakers set out to capture the unknown, only to later find themselves thrown into a fight for survival as the local tribespeople spring from the nearby settlements. The thing that’s holding the avid writer back, unfortunately, is the hunger that drives the director to produce a movie for the ages. Oh, and the determination to capture the very beast that looms beyond the shadows of the dreaded Skull Island.


4. Time Crisis

Time Crisis 4 PlayStation 3 Trailer - Trailer

While you could quite easily argue that Time Crisis has had its day in most arcades, you could also say that, with the current state of VR technology, it could also be deemed worthy of making a total comeback on upgraded hardware. And to be honest, that isn’t something that has been mentioned once or twice between friends — but by a whole bunch of fans of the franchise for a fair few years now.

The first-person on-rails shooter was first introduced back in 1995, quickly becoming one of the most popular titles in arcade gaming. Fast-forward twenty years or so, and the series spanned another four main titles plus spin-offs. And although a couple of games did, in fact, find a platform on the PlayStation way back when — we’ve never actually seen a full-fledged remake with modern tech in recent years. Why? Well, that’s the question. The tools are definitely within reach, but without Namco’s permission to use them — nothing will ever come to fruition.


3. Road Rash

Although an attempt was made to reignite the flame with a spiritual successor to the Road Rash name, Road Redemption unfortunately just fell flat and burned out before it could even cross the checkered flag. Efforts were definitely made, sure — but nothing came close to the sheer brilliance of the mid-90’s trilogy on PlayStation. And it’s because of those shortcomings that caused the burnout, that it was only natural for original fans to plead for a remake of the debut.

Road Rash wasn’t what you would call a revolutionary concept. Not by a long shot. But it was, however, raw and gritty; heavy and brutal. It was, of course, a racing game on the surface, but with a few added features that gave it that extra drive. It was vehicular combat in its rawest form. Thrash metal and leather went hand-in-hand, and together they produced an addictive collection of fantastic racing games. And now, staring down the barrel of 2022, I think it’s only fair that we summon the audacity to request a remaster. Electronic Arts, we’re looking at you.


2. Stuntman

Stuntman Trailer PS2

If you happened to play through the stunt segments in Forza Horizon 4 and lingered on the hopes of there being a full game from the same vein, then you’re in luck, because there is. But if you lack the patience to slave over some good old fashioned trial and error gameplay — then you’re going to be in for a bad time. Like, a real bad time.

Stuntman was one of those games that half expected you to crash and burn before watching you ascend to success. But of course that was half the fun. And taking on those death-defying feats as a reckless stunt driver was an absolute blast — despite all the epic fails and tragic burnouts. Overall, it was an epic addition to the genre, and a game that would definitely land well if given a chance on modern hardware. Who knows, maybe 2022 could be the year for it.


1. TimeSplitters

Time Splitters trailer

Let’s be honest, people have been barking up this tree for years now, only with very little to show for their efforts. Since 2005, neither Eidos Interactive nor Electronic Arts has made the effort to step back into one of their best-selling series of the early noughties and resurrect it for next-gen hardware. And that’s a shame, considering the number of people who’d give life and limb for a solid reboot of the first two games.

So what was it that people loved about TimeSplitters? Well, other than the flexibility with the eras that each game worked around, the gameplay itself was also pretty practical, giving free rein over things such as level creation. Combined with a solid multiplayer mode, the short-lived series went on to become one of the most respected in the industry by both gamers and devs alike. And if that isn’t a reason alone to revamp it for 2022, then I don’t know what is. Chop chop, Free Radical.


So, what about you? What games would you want to see remastered in 2022? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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