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5 Epic Games That Celebrate Brotherhood (2022)

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Just what is it that makes a brotherhood? Is it the comradery between siblings, or the commonalities that drive two links to a shared purpose? Why are we inclined to feel more protective over brothers in arms than a common collective? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions that spawn for whenever a video game introduces that well-rounded connection to us.

Over the years, we've seen a ridiculous amount of chatacters, few of whom have made a genuine impact on our emotions. Most, of course, have barely made a dent, and have actually left us feeling more lopsided than level-headed. But it's those few, on the other hand, who have reminded us exactly what it means to be in a brotherhood, be it through conversation or bullets. And when we say few, what we really mean is five.


5. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons | Launch Trailer [GOG]

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a timeless classic that not everybody has had the privilege of playing. Years down the line, and it is still considered to be a masterpiece in motion; a staple on the action-adventure narrative. Of course, its honorary status all rounds back to the brotherly bond that the game portrays remarkably well. Without it, it would just be another run-of-the-mill platformer. But with it, it's something much greater, and we're head over heels in love with it.

The story follows two siblings as they look to acquire the power of healing from a great tree. With their father on his deathbed and a worrying amount of miles between the heroes and their goal, it soon becomes a race against time. And the only way they stand a chance of making it before the hourglass tips its final grain is to band together as brothers. Let teamwork follow suit, because when two brothers share a purpose, nothing can stop them.


4. Final Fantasy XV

FINAL FANTASY XV - Stand Together Trailer | PS4

On the surface, Final Fantasy XV is a love story, one of which involves the playable protagonist, Noctis, and his childhood sweetheart and bride-to-be. But unearth a few layers, and you've actually got a tale about a band of brothers, all of whom have more in common than the vast majority of video game collectives. And as time progresses, you soon begin to connect these dots and make sense of the bond that binds the group together.

Final Fantasy XV follows Prince Noctis and his closest friends as they embark on a great quest to connect two kingdoms through wedlock. With a whole world between, as well as a ridiculous amount of speed bumps and needy townsfolk, the group look to become part-time helpers, thereby forming a huge adventure that rarely lets up on the brakes. And with that, of course, comes a powerful story that uses its paragraphs to further develop the lifelong friendships between four unique characters.


3. Army of Two

Army of Two Xbox 360 Trailer - Trailer

Army of Two was an absolute monster of a co-op game back in the day, and it still holds true as a powerful contender for those looking to invest in a classy couch co-op experience. And while it's clear the game itself is about frontline combat and mindless run-and-gun tactics, its inner layer is actually something much more thought out—something sentimental and pure.

As you sludge through the big bad world of Army of Two, you'll come to learn that not everything can be accomplished by a single pair of hands. Regardless of how capable you may be, you'll often find strength in numbers, which is where the teamwork side of things comes into play. Without your brother in arms, you're as good as dead in the water. With that, you should learn to master not one arsenal—but two.


2. Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 - The Complete Season Trailer [PEGI]

It takes a great deal of experience to be able to build a relationship that's even the slightest bit believable. But Square Enix was able to do it, and incredibly well at that. Though, seeing as it was with a Life is Strange title, I suppose we never really had any reason to doubt, to begin with. But then, we'd be lying if we said the brotherly bond between the two protagonists wasn't the new benchmark for the series.

Life is Strange 2 follows Sean and Daniel, two fugitives on the run, bound for their father's hometown of Puerto Lobos. After learning of his younger brother's telekinesis powers, Sean is forced to play parent and teach him right from wrong as the two embark on an emotionally charged journey across the States. For every action you make, a new path unravels, transforming Daniel into one of two things: a superhero, or a villain.


1. Gears of War (Series)

Gears of War 3 Trailer - Ashes to Ashes

Long before the series reboot, the first three games under the Gears of War banner were in a league of their own. The comradery between Marcus, Dom, as well as the entire OG Delta squad was unmatched for its time, which is precisely why we're inclined to drag it back up again, if only to recall the number of iconic moments the COG veterans shared in their lengthy battle against the Locust.

If you're wanting to talk about what it means to be a cog in the wheel, fighting against all odds and without hope, then Gears of War does a pretty solid summary. As the few remaining soldiers on the battlefield, brotherhood becomes everything as you live and fight together in a last-ditch effort to reclaim civilization. Gears of War captures this almost too well, which is precisely why it garners such a high reputation and warrants new chapters.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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