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5 Easy Platinum Trophies You Can Grab Right Now



Looking to boost that digital trophy cabinet and get a leg up on your friends' rankings? Only have a limited amount of time to snag as many trophies as possible before being thrown back to the nine to five grind? Well, the good news is — there's an abundance of easy games out there, with twice as many platinum trophies basically giving themselves away. And what's more is that, with the following five, you can pretty much hoard every available trophy in a matter of hours without having to return for multiple sessions.

Mopping up leftover trophies can be both rewarding and downright monotonous, with some occasionally being cruel enough to bring forth one heck of a headache. But that's why we've dipped into the other side of the pool, where trophies fall into your lap for just being a small part of the experience. And that's what we like to see every once in a while. After all, there's no harm in seeking a quality video game that doesn't require a challenge in return. Just take these five, for example. Just five straightforward platinum trophies, plain and simple.

5. Life is Strange

Life is Strange - Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3

Being an episodic adventure, similar to Telltale's hearty works, trophies basically fall into your palms for just logging in and journeying through the story. With one being gifted for every completed segment, you pretty much acquire 90% of the cabinet for simply playing through Life is Strange and immersing in its well-carved narrative. The other 10% can be obtained by taking a certain photograph on each section of every chapter, simply by pressing a command button. And that's it. Boom — platinum.

Life is Strange follows the story of Max, a curious photography student that falls into a life where time can be altered at will. After witnessing a worrying vision that engulfs the town into an all-powerful storm, Max has to team up with her oldest friend Chloe and come to terms with her newfound gift and find a way to halt Arcadia Bay from collapsing from the impending doom that lurks beyond the clouds. Of course, that all sounds rather intense — but it's really just engaging in teenage drama and shooting glass bottles in a junk yard for nine hours. So like I said — easy platinum.


4. Telltale's The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Launch Trailer

As with any Telltale chapter, platinum trophies can be acquired by simply scrolling through the story, with the occasional detour for one or two stowaway achievements. And the same goes for The Walking Dead, with 95% of its shiny trinkets falling into your hands from simply playing the five episodes. The other 5% can also be picked up by doing a couple of quick side tasks, both of which can be thrown onto your first and only playthrough, conveniently enough. So, no running amock trying to piece together threads of filler. Just one straight ride to the polished plat.

Unlike the acclaimed AMC show, Telltale instead fuses new characters and environments into the barrel, with the odd reference that rounds back to the undead TV phenomenon here or there. However, rather than focus on all-out warfare between factions, Telltale instead puts all of their attention on survival, with heartwarming connections between allies being the primary port of call throughout each episode. So, other than having to carry out the odd QTE, The Walking Dead will basically just have you taking dialogue routes and establishing long-lasting relationships in the post-apocalyptic world. An easy platinum, basically.


3. Slyde

Slyde Platinum Walkthrough - Worlds Fastest Platinum - 1000 Top Rated is back

As a way to rob petty change from EU players, developer Top Rated basically made a puzzle game called Slyde, in which you can snatch the platinum and all its accompanying trophies in about sixty seconds or less. And while the game itself actually boasts 100+ unique puzzles to slide and conquer, the achievements themselves are actually bundled into one or two specific levels. If you know were to look, of course.

Slyde is not a hard game. It requires a keen eye and a grain of patience, sure, but all in all it's a smooth ride with a bunch of short and sweet trophies to put under your belt after completing it. And at just sixty seconds on the clock before bagging it — it would be a waste to let it fall through your fingers. Plus, it's like £1. Probably the quickest platinum you'll ever get in your gaming career. Like, ever. And not to mention the cheapest, of course. But that's just one for the EU, unfortunately.


2. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands - Launch Trailer

I'll be honest — Telltale probably could've dominated this list with its entire collection of story-rich games. The Wolf Among Us, Batman and Game of Thrones, to name a few, are all choc full of easy trophies, all of which can be grabbed by simply playing the game. But then, if we had to choose a game that's not only generous on the platinum side — but also genuinely fun to play, then it'd have to be Tales from the Borderlands. Every time.

Bringing a top-notch voiceover cast to the mix (Patrick Warburton, Troy Baker, Nolan North, Laura Bailey) as well as captivating plot and humourous script, Tales from the Borderlands practically bags the gold (or platinum in this case) for one of the most entertaining entries ever developed under the Telltale tree. And if you want a nice platinum to show off in your overflowing cabinet — then this one is an absolute essential. But you'll just have to put your faith in us on this one. You won't regret it.


1. Until Dawn

Until Dawn - Launch Trailer | PS4

If you're a major horror fanatic and love working through stories in anticipation of the big reveal — then you will seriously adore Until Dawn. Although not a game that you can technically platinum in a single playthrough, it is a game that you can clean house with without having to suffer too much of a breakdown from layers of monotonous grinding. So that's a plus!

Until Dawn puts you in the shoes of multiple college students, all drawn together to celebrate the life of their late friends, who sadly lost their way only a year earlier. However, once the moonlight unfolds and the night falls, the world around the remote cabin you find yourself in soon begins to transform. Your job, of course, is to make sure everyone survives until dawn. Lose a life, however, and you'll still end up with a trophy of some sort. It's a win-win situation, to be honest. Just play 'til you pop the platinum. Easy as pie.


Need more platinum trophies to bulk out your cabinet? No problem. We'll be checking back in the coming weeks to bring you even more content. In the meantime, let us know which game was the easiest for you to platinum over on our socials here.


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