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5 Capcom Games Everyone Wants Remastered in 2022

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There's no doubt about it. Capcom is, and probably always will be seen as a pioneer of phenomenal survival horror games. And we're not just talking about Resident Evil, eitherOh no, we're talking about all the other smaller works that attribute towards the great ball of thread that is the Japanese kingpin.

Anyway, that's had me thinking, mainly about all the games Capcom has unleashed into the world ever since its debut appearance back in 1983. Moving forward, it'd be great to see a few of the older icons dusted off and given a good old fashioned spit shine, ready to distribute for a second life on the market. Whether or not they'll ever come to fruition is another question, and one that seems to hang over quite a few heads. However, if given a chance to cast our vote — then these would be the five games we'd bring back for 2022. Remastered, revitalised, and most definitely revolutionized.


5. Dino Crisis

People have been stoking this fire for years now, yet Capcom has still continued to hold its silence over the possibility of ever rebuilding Dino Crisis from the ground up. Even when the excitement circled E3 2021 and the game started trending on social media — Capcom still refused to acknowledge the elephant in the room. And that elephant, of course, was Dino Crisis, and how everybody in the room gravitated towards it like a moth to a flame.

It's been a major player in the survival horror genre for over two decades now, and has even seen a series of other works sponge off of its components. However, even with its crazy following and huge backing — Capcom has still failed to spot said elephant and reap the rewards that would ultimately come with it. I mean, the demand is definitely there — but Capcom, on the other hand, is on another planet altogether.


4. Breath of Fire

Long before Capcom set up a home away from home on the survival horror front, role-playing games were their forte, with Breath of Fire being the flagship franchise for their up and coming JRPG kingdom. And while a selection of the games from the series did go on to receive HD versions on the Switch — a complete revival of the series never really came to light.

Breath of Fire certainly contained all the necessary ingredients to concoct a standout role-playing game — enough to brew a tray of compelling sequels and inspire a generation to follow in its footsteps. Bundled with its '90s style and Westernised charm, Breath of Fire was, in all honesty, a breath of fresh air that was both insightful and unique. And that's why we're left to wonder whether or not Capcom will ever return to give it a second spark.


3. Chaos Legion

With the likes of Devil May Cry standing tall and mopping up almost every accolade in the hack and slash world — Chaos Legion definitely felt the backhand from the genre as a whole. And although the game itself did find fame after its 2003 release, fans still couldn't help but compare it to its eldest sibling franchise, which was undeniably the main source of inspiration for the bulk of the game.

Of course, Chaos Legion did offer a brand new story, a clean roster of characters and a wide variety of attacks, giving it its very own legacy to craft and evolve. However, when given the ultimatum over which of the two franchises would go on to fly the colours for the hack and slash domain — Capcom clearly sided with Dante and the Devil May Cry faction, effectively leaving poor old Chaos Legion to dwindle in the shadows from 2003.


2. Lost Planet

Another fantastic series that fans have been craving for the best part of a decade is Lost Planet, excusing the third and, let's face it — worst chapter in the timeline. Thanks to Spark Unlimited, the once-loved third-person shooter series was butchered in 2013, with Lost Planet 3 going on to receive quite a lot of hate over its missing charm that once captivated the world. Since then, fans have pleaded for Capcom to return to the reins and take the original works back out for a second spin on next gen hardware.

So, why hasn't Capcom returned? Why does the Lost Planet IP still loiter in the ashes of the renowned developer's bible of historical gems? Well, because the demand just isn't there. Or at least nor anywhere near as much as it is compared to the likes of Dino Crisis and that. And, with the Resident Evil remakes taking in the lion's share of the revenue — there really is a lack of motivation to reignite its fires. So, it's incredibly unlikely that we'll see Lost Planet make a return for 2022.


1. Dragon's Dogma

Another hack and slash underdog that made quite the splash back in 2012 was Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's Western-inspired tale that drew influences from the likes of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fable II. Coming with its own faction of beasts and massive medieval backdrops, Dragon's Dogma had a lot to keep heads turning way past release, with Capcom even going on to release Dark Arisen, an enhanced version of the game in 2013.

But that was 2013. It's been almost a decade since the game launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and backwards compatibility just doesn't cut it like it used to. We're ready for a serious slice of Dragon's Dogma, complete with a fresh topping of next-gen updates and a side serving of new and improved DLC. The fans want it, so why can't Capcom provide it? Who knows. Maybe there's a chance of it coming out in 2022. A fat chance, mind you.


So, are there any games you'd like to see Capcom bring back to life? Do you agree with our list? Let us know over on our socials here.


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